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Eagle's Nest Homes

A Business Opportunity

Since 1983, Eagle's Nest Homes has helped thousands of individuals


“My builder wanted $252,000 for the beautiful Eagles Nest Country French home. Utilizing the “Builder Assisted” concept, we built the home for $207,000” – Bill B. of GA

Throughout America, Eagle’s Nest Homes, Inc. has helped homeowners acquire a higher quality home at a cost up to 25% less than appraised value.

The panelization process provides a fixed pricing with a faster, easier erection time.

The “Builder Assisted” concept also provides the comfort and protection of a contracted builder PLUS identifies the proven dynamics, which reduce costs and increase equity.

The equity created provides the motivation to move forward.

The savings and enhanced equity provide the homeowner with several options:

  • Reduced mortgage payments.
  • Acquire more home than your mortgage ability would allow.
  • Utilize your home in the location and style, which meet your requirements.


“I currently have over $280,000 invested in this project. The market analysis that was done twice says it should be listed for $395,000+.” - Jeffrey P. of Michigan

  • Reduced costs and equity creation via the program design.
  • Contracted builder participation for buyer and lender protections.
  • Panelization of the superstructure to increase quality, reduce erection time, and provide a fixed non-variable cost for a major part of the home building project.

Eagle’s Nest Homes has defined principles which can bring you the dual advantages of reduced cost home ownership and the possibilities of utilizing the equity created for future financial victory.


“I built the Regency II complete for $103,744 and it appraised for $132,000, for $27,756 equity upon completion.” – Len W., FL

While many home panelizers and custom quality contractors can build you a home, Eagle’s Nest Homes offers home buying choices not considered before in the home buying process – The opportunity to select your home in an area suitable to your requirements and mortgage ability with a contracted builder’s participation, at a cost well under the appraised or sales value of the home.

If you are willing to invest some management time, Eagle’s Nest can show you how to achieve your dream home, or a part time dream career with options that will capture your imagination and pay you big dividends.

To get started, a $6,500 minimum house deposit is required for your own business, private use, or presale.

Please visit our web site and “Request a FREE Catalog”. We will respond by mailing you a color catalog, which includes a price list and floor plans. Sorry, but we are unable to e-mail of fax the catalog.

IMPORTANT: If you have a continued interest after reviewing the information, please fill out and mail the no obligation application enclosed with the catalog or online. Once we receive the application, a Trading Area Manager will then call you and discuss the opportunity further.

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