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The University of Northern Washington

University of Northern Washington
1420 Fifth Ave
Suite 2200
Seattle, WA 98101


Tel:  (206) 903-6688 
Fax: (206) 903-6655

The University of Northern Washington is a private, non-traditional, and non-resident University. The University of Northern Washington offers Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in arts, science, engineering and business.

In addition, UNW specializes in designing custom degree programs for students who are interested in specialty areas for which there may not yet be a curriculum.

If you are planning to pursue a career in management, the MBA and Ph.D. Program at the University of Northern Washington is designed for you. It will also help if you have a specialist qualification but have ambitions to acquire a broader business qualification incorporating enhanced managerial skills. You will feel that the effort is worthwhile in terms of your increased self-confidence, your enhanced effectiveness and your increased value as an employee. If you have the ability to take the MBA program at UNW, and the personal qualities to take full advantage of it, then what you are doing today, what your title is now and how much salary you command, are all irrelevant to the position you could enjoy after completion of your MBA.

The policy of UNW is to reward students for real-world experience over and above course work, as that is of primary importance to employers in the late 2003s. Thus, students may challenge any course for which they believe themselves to have sufficient work experience with the subject matter to qualify for exemption.

The UNW will evaluate your prior education, training, and experience, and may award credit toward the completion of your ultimate degree goal. You may begin at any time and complete your degree at your own pace. All coursework is completed through correspondence. UNW will send the course materials to you by FedEx International Priority. Exams are open book and completed at your convenience. Because they are based largely on application and case studies of the material, there is no proctor or supervision of the exams. Some degree programs require a final paper in place of an exam. The average course completion rate is approximately one course per month; however, this varies for each student and depends solely on your schedule and study habits. The enrollment forms may be submitted via fax, postal service, or electronically from our website.

UNW offers prospective students a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive education, without the need for an expensive leave of absence from your career. Our nine-month to two-year condensed Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. programs are offered through our distance-learning department and involve no formal classroom time.

The University of Northern Washington's graduate business and public administration programs seek candidates who demonstrate managerial and leadership potential, maturity, ambition, and a clear sense of purpose. Preparing management professionals for leadership roles, the University of Northern Washington’s graduate degree programs are well suited to anyone who has reached a point in their career where tangible recognition of their achievements and expertise is due.

As President of the University of Northern Washington, I welcome all prospective students.

Dr. Richard Cox, President
University of Northern Washington


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