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San José State University

The School first began offering the degree in Library Science in 1954. Accredited by the American Library Association in 1969, the program was accorded its most recent accreditation update in summer 2000, making it the only ALA accredited program in the 23-campus California State University system. In 1994, the Master of Library Science degree was changed to Master of Library and Information Science. The program requires completion of forty-two units.

The curriculum has been developed to carry out the School’s mission, which is to educate those wishing to become practitioners in the information professions. The educational program serving that mission is an amalgam of theory and practice in which the professional learns how to apply theory to practice. At San Jose, the two approaches are interwoven in a program in which the computer is the tool of choice. The School is a comprehensive library and information science school, offering courses leading to careers in public, school, academic, and special libraries, as well as in a wide range of nontraditional settings. Our faculty are internationally recognized experts known for their excellence in teaching and knowledge of the field.

The school uses distance education as a format for delivering comprehensive, quality, equitable and accessible programs of instruction in library and information science. Students will find distance education opportunities available throughout our curriculum. Class formats include everything from traditional in-person classes to totally web-based on-line instruction. Our innovative and creative use of distance education techniques has served as a model for distance education delivery for the entire campus.

Our students are primarily working professionals who wish to enhance their educational qualifications while they manage job and family responsibilities. We offer primarily evening and weekend class times to allow students the flexibility needed to pursue their educational goals and career goals at the same time. The School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University has made pursuit of a master’s degree in Library and Information Science possible for students of all ages and locations throughout California and the nation.

The School has a tripartite central core from which the rest of the curriculum evolves allowing the student to gain in-depth knowledge and experience in "arenas of excellence". These areas are designed to respond quickly and meaningfully to the rapidly changing forces that are shaping professional practice in this field. Following this philosophy, the School does not require specific advanced courses that a student must take to prepare for a desired career path. Rather, we encourage students to build on their strengths and interests, taking into consideration the knowledge and skills generally sought by employers in that sector of the market. In addition, we are in the process of creating a totally web-based continuing education program for Information Professionals interested in updating their skills. For more in-depth information visit our web site at or contact us by phone: 408-924-2490, e-mail: , or write to us at SJSU SLIS, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA, 95192-0029.

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