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Graland Country Day School - Denver Colorado

Graland Country Day School
Denver, Colorado

The touchstone of Graland Country Day School ( is student learning. In a day when “educational” decisions can be driven by so many factors, we never lose sight of why we’re really here – to teach children; to prepare them not only academically, but to be responsible, caring, effective, and active citizens of the world. Originating as a “country” school in 1924, Graland is now an urban center of learning in the heart of Denver. We take an active role in our neighborhood and community, whether in the downtown soup kitchen or the mountain hiking trail. It is a place where youngsters can spread their wings and attempt new flights while secure in the knowledge that they are known and loved by an extended school family. Our motto carries both a literal and inspirational meaning for children here: Ascende Omnem Montem, or Climb Every Mountain.

Our Mission Statement

Graland Country Day School educates highly capable and motivated students drawn from a diverse community. Graland serves families who value a rigorous education built upon a balanced program of academic, artistic, athletic, and character development. In a safe and caring environment, Graland cultivates enthusiasm and high standards for lifelong learning, leadership, and community responsibility. Ascende omnem montem

Our Guiding Principles of Education

Graland faculty and families work in partnership to foster the development of each student’s mind, character, and health according to these guiding principles:

  1. Excellence
    Graland upholds high standards of academic performance across the disciplines. Highly trained teachers implement a rigorous academic program that encourages critical thinking, creativity, achievement, and healthy competition.
  2. Experience
    Graland creates an educational journey that combines hands-on learning with an integrated academic, artistic, and athletic curriculum. Students participate in new and traditional activities designed to enliven and enrich their learning. Students are encouraged to explore and enjoy the natural world.
  3. Individuality
    Graland values each student as a unique individual and considers every student’s strengths and needs. Students are urged to develop their own thoughts, questions, and interests.
  4. Community
    Graland encourages cooperative work along with self-reliant performance. Students develop confidence in their ability to speak, lead, and contribute positively to the world as they become stewards of their communities.
  5. Responsibility
    Graland students learn through their own success, failure, and perseverance. They learn the appropriate acceptance of and expression of feelings. They accept responsibility for their work and their actions. Students practice moral behavior and uphold the principles of honesty, courage, self-respect, and respect for others.
  6. Differences
    Graland students learn to value individual differences and divergent thinking. They learn, as they grow, to seek inclusiveness and justice in a multi-cultural world.
  7. Enjoyment
    Graland believes that learning is enhanced when students pursue it with enthusiasm and confidence. Graland students experience the joy that begins with curiosity and grows with the pursuit of their own interests and passions.

For more information about Graland Country Day School, call the Admission and Financial Aid Office at 303-399-8361 or email .

Graland Country Day School
30 Birch Street
Denver, CO 80220

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