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Ben Franklin Academy

Ben Franklin Academy

Ben Franklin Academy is a non-profit, nonsectarian, independent senior high school for students sixteen and older who seek an alternative to conventional secondary schools. Begun in 1975 as the Emory University Catch-Up School, a program of the Emory University Reading Center, the school incorporated separately in 1987.
Our primary values concern human caring, work, integrity, courage, and learning to think clearly and well. All our work is individually paced and supervised by talented faculty. We want our students to learn and manage their own work. 

We are dually accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and are members of GHSA, GISA and AAAIS. In 1992, Ben Franklin Academy became a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools, a national network of schools dedicated to improving American secondary education. 

Our school is small by design, and we intend to stay about the same size, between 120 and 130 students over two sessions. 

We teach a mastery curriculum that corresponds to the College Preparatory Curriculum of the Georgia Board of Regents. We teach interdisciplinary humanities units that relate the study of history, literature and philosophy of art, science and technology, work-study, and current events.
Our minimum passing grade is 90%. Students work on a subject until they demonstrate mastery of it. Although we insist that they learn necessary facts and skills in traditional academic subjects, we are more concerned that they learn to think, read and write clearly. We compute numerical grades and GPA but do not compute class rank. We report student progress to parents at the end of each week, month and semester.
Our individualized instruction is complemented by seminar-style meetings, where students can develop effective class participation, listening and discussion skills. 

Ben Franklin Academy is a work-study school and requires students to work between ten and twenty hours weekly at a volunteer or paying job. 

Students follow an individually planned study program and complete their graduation requirements at their own level and their own pace. Many students choose to accelerate their high school program. 

College Placement:
Students work closely with college counselors to apply to some of the most challenging colleges and universities in the country. 


For more information, please visit our website
or contact the admission office:

Ben Franklin Academy
1585 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Tel: 404-633-7404
Fax: 404-321-0610

Dean of Studies: Martha Burdette, Ph.D.
Registrar: Amy Barnes
[email protected]


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