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National Tax Training School

Program Focus:
National Tax Training School is the only nationally accredited home study school that is dedicated to tax preparation training. The courses are written in a clear, concise manner using language that is understood even by students who do not have an accounting background.

The NTTS tax courses will provide you with the proper training - covering all pertinent aspects of federal income taxes - so you can become a professional tax preparer.

You set your own pace, so you may finish in as little as 8 to 10 weeks, as some students do... or take as much a year if you desire. It depends on the amount of time you can devote to your studies, and on your individual speed of learning. We will work with you at whatever speed you find most suitable.

Upon successful completion of the required examinations and fulfillment of your financial obligation to the school, you will receive our Certificate of Completion.

Study in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office without being tied to a rigid class schedule and without spending precious time and money traveling to classes or seminars.

Do I need any knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting?
Absolutely not. And you don't need any experience in tax work either. Although nearly a third of our students are accountants, bookkeepers or lawyers, most of the others have had no previous experience in tax work at all.

Does your course cover tax return preparation only?
No. Mere mechanical knowledge of how to fill in a tax form… what figure to put on which line, will not make you a true Tax Professional. To earn the rewards and prestige tax work offers, you must know how to search for tax savings possibilities, how to make effective use of advance tax planning…how to find tax saving elections and alternatives. You will see that the NTTS training program superbly achieves these results. In addition, besides providing each student with a thorough and practical tax education, the NTTS course is geared to aid the student in every possible way to establish his or her own successful tax consultant service.

Do all NTTS students take the course with the intention of entering tax work?
No. Although our training program was originally designed for the purpose of preparing our students for the tax profession, we have found that a sizable percentage enroll with the sole intention of handling their own personal or business tax matters. Many report substantial tax savings, greater peace-of-mind, and, frequently, sizable refunds obtained through re-filing tax returns for prior years.

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