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Kelley School of Business at Indiana University


The Kelley Direct Online MBA, offered by the top ranked Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is designed for professionals who wish to continue their employment while earning their MBA.

  • Indiana University is among the nations highest ranking public universities.
  • The Kelley School of Business consistently ranks among the top 25 business schools in the nation.

Faculty is drawn completely from the full-time, tenured faculty of the Kelley School of Business who are renowned for their teaching, research and consulting expertise.

Upon completion of the Kelley Direct Online MBA, one is awarded a Kelley School of Business MBA.

Students are required to enroll in 48 credit hours, which take two years to complete, although students may extend the time they take to graduate. The residential requirement for the program is limited to one week at the beginning of each academic year. The first in-residence is held on the Indianapolis campus, and the second is on the Bloomington campus. The remainder of the program is web-based and asynchronous, allowing flexibility for busy executives to learn according to their schedule.

Application deadline for August 2003:         July 7, 2003


What types of courses are offered?

  • Economics

  • Accounting

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Business law

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Human resources/leading change

  • Information systems

  • Operations management

  • Global business

  • Business plan project

What are the course delivery methods?

  • Discussion/debate forums

  • Faculty-student interactions via email, phone, and text/voice chat through the Internet

  • Streaming audio and video

  • Simulations and time revealed scenarios for case-based learning

  • Materials accessed directly from the Web, including text, audio, and video presentations, and virtual tours.

  • An email directory, online bulleting boards and online chats are standard class features,

  • Traditional MBA course materials such as textbooks and business case readings.

What are the technology requirements?

As a Kelley Direct Online MBA student, you will need to have access to the Internet, a CD-ROM player, and a personal computer with these minimum requirements:

• Windows 98/ME/2000/XP or newer

• Pentium III 500 MHz Processor or faster

• 56K v.90 modem, Cable or DSL modem, or network Internet connection

• 128 MB RAM

• Microsoft Office 2000 or XP

• Sound card (for audio or video files)

Is learning online as effective as learning in an "in-class" setting?

Research shows that the most important factor in effective teaching is interaction between the student and other students and with the instructor. Meaningful and significant levels of interaction can be attained in any course, regardless of the method of instruction. In addition, the increased levels of flexibility, access and personal control over the pace of learning that students report from their online courses lead to enhanced levels of learning and student satisfaction.

For more information, or to apply online, please visit our website:


Contact the Kelley Direct Online MBA program office at:

  Kelley School of Business

  801 W. Michigan St., Suite 4032

  Indianapolis, IN  46202-5151



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