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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) is a School-wide degree program designed to provide students with a population perspective on health along with rigorous training in the core disciplines of public health including quantitative, environmental, biological, social and behavioral, and management sciences. Students have an opportunity to apply the skills and competencies they acquire during their course of study to practical public health problems. The program culminates in a capstone experience where students apply their knowledge to a public health problem.

The same degree is offered via the Internet (Internet-based MPH) for busy public health professionals around the world who would like to broaden perspectives, expand opportunities, and tap the resources of the world's leading public health institution. Students in this program enjoy the flexibility of designing a curriculum that accommodates individual schedules and meets their professional and academic goals without having to relocate.

After matriculation into the program, students have up to three years to complete their 80-unit degree requirements. A minimum of twenty units must be earned from face-to-face courses offered during summer or winter institutes (one- to three-week periods) and/or during regular terms.

To successfully participate in the program, students must have reliable Internet access and be equipped with a standard office or home computer. Presentations and taped lectures streamed over the Internet, interactive exercises, self-assessment quizzes, Internet bulletin board discussions, and real-time Internet discussions are employed to provide the optimal learning experience in an interactive and collaborative environment.

To learn more about the Internet-based MPH program, go to or call us at 888-548-6741, or email .


  • What is the difference between the Internet-based MPH and the MPH I would receive if I came to campus to study?

    Nothing. The degree you receive is the same whether you study full-time, part-time, or via the Internet. The strategies used to master the competencies are different, but the skills you must master are the same.

  • Can I complete the Internet-based MPH concurrent with my employment?

    Yes. The Internet-based MPH program is designed especially to accommodate full- or part-time work schedules. The inherent flexibility of an online course allows students to fit the course into their own schedules. The courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime, as long as the student has reliable Internet access.

  • When does the Internet-based MPH program start?

    Students can begin the program either in January or June with a new student orientation, which is held in Baltimore.

  • How do I apply to the program?

    Visit for admission requirements and application procedures.
phone: 888-548-6741

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