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Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University
Extended University
PO Box 1857
Fayette, IA 52142

Program Focus: Founded in 1857, Upper Iowa University, a four-year liberal arts institution, is the largest private college in Iowa and offers quality degree programs to over 700 on-campus students and to over 4,800 center, online, and independent study students. In addition to UIU’s main campus in northeast Iowa, there are additional on-ground learning centers in Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Louisiana and Texas plus students worldwide taking classes through distance learning.

Students in the External Degree program communicate with instructors via e-mail, fax, and regular mail to complete coursework through independent study and one-on-one contact with instructors. Classes are self-paced with no minimum completion time and extended enrollment periods. Over 10,000 learners have successfully graduated from th External Degree program.

Upper Iowa's Online program is noted for its e-mail-like feel. Online students log on (via the Internet) just long enough to send and receive materials, anytime, anywhere, day or night. Most work is accomplished off-line and students contact their instructors through course software, e-mail, fax, or phone.

Duration: Full credit is given for college-level courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students can transfer a maximum of 45 (of 60) semester credits for an associate degree, 90 (of 120) semester credits for a bachelor's degree, and 12 semester credits for a master's degree. Other sources of credit include ACE, CLEP, DANTES and experiential learning. With a unique eight week class format or the independent study option for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, learners may start any time throughout the year and set the pace for their completion.

Certificatation/Degree: Associate of Art, Liberal Arts or General Business; Bachelor of Science with majors in: accounting, business, criminal justice, human resources management, human services, management, marketing, psychology, public administration (general, law enforcement, or fire science), social science, and technology and information management. The M.B.A. offers five areas of emphasis: accounting, global business, human resources management, organizational development, and quality.

Visit with an academic advisor today! Call 877-366-0581, email us at or

Are you a “real” school?
Upper Iowa University is proud to be both regionally accredited by the by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. The MBA and undergraduate business degree programs conferred by the Extended University hold accreditation by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Do I have to attend campus to complete my degree?
No, you may complete your degree 100% at a distance. We invite all to attend our commencement ceremony to celebrate their success!

How much will it cost?
03-04 tuition is $179 per independent study undergraduate credit; $245 per online undergraduate credit; $311 per online graduate credit. All classes are three credits each.

I’m not sure where to start?
We understand there are many considerations when beginning or returning to college. Our academic advisors are here to help answer questions and provide tentative evaluations of your transcripts (at no cost) as well as provide support throughout your degree completion.

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