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National Universities Degree Consortium - NUDC

Our Mission:

National Universities Degree Consortium (NUDC) is a nationwide collaborative of higher education institutions offering fully accredited courses and degree programs delivered in flexible formats to non-traditional students. NUDC member institutions offer a wide variety of courses and degrees to distance students. Degrees are available in numerous fields including:

NUDC Doctorate Degrees

Electrical Engineering (CSU)
Industrial Engineering (CSU)
Mechanical Engineering (CSU)

Master's Degrees

Aerospace Engineering
Agriculture (CSU)
Agribusiness (KSU) R
Biosystems Engineering (OSU) I
Business Administration (MBA)
Chemical Engineering (CSU) (KSU)
Civil Engineering (CSU) (KSU)
Computer Science
Control Systems Engineering (OSU) I
Creative Writing (UNO)
Education and Human Resource Studies (MEd)
Educational Leadership
Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering and Technology Management
Engineering Management (KSU)
Engineering Management Specialty Program (CSU)
Family Financial Planning
Environmental Engineering Specialty Program (CSU)
Fire and Emergency Management Administration (OSU) I
Food Science and Industry
General Studies
Hospitality Management - M.H.M. (UHS)
Human Resource Development (CSU)
Industrial Engineering Specialty Program (CSU)
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Master of Library Science (USC)
Mechanical Engineering (CSU)
Natural & Applied Sciences, Specialization in Gerontology (OSU) I
Personal Financial Planning
Software Engineering
Systems Engineering & Optimization Specialty Program (CSU)
Telecommunications Management (OSU) I

Youth Development

Bachelor Degree Programs

Animal Sciences and Industry - Animal Products
Business Administration - Management (BBA)
Business Administration, Management and Operations - BA (WSU)
Business Administration, Management Information Systems - BA (WSU)
Business Administration, Marketing - B.B.A. (UHS)
Business Administration, General Business - B.B.A. (UHS) Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) (WEBER)
Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology (CET & EET) (WEBER)
Consumer Science/Merchandising - B.S. (UHS)
Criminal Justice--BA (WSU) I
English - B.A. (UHS)
Food Science and Industry--BS (KSU)
General Business--BS (KSU)
General Studies - (MU)
Health Information Management (HIM) (WEBER)
Health Promotion (WEBER)
Health Services Administration (HAS) (WEBER)
History - B.A. (UHS)
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Human Development--BA (WSU) I
Humanities - BA (WSU)
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences--BS (KSU)
Liberal Arts - Communication and Public Affairs
Mechanical Engineering
Radiation Therapy (RADTHR)(WEBER)
Radiologic Sciences (RADTEC) (WEBER)
Respiratory Therapy (RESTHY) (WEBER)
Social Sciences--BA (WSU) I
Technology Education (Fire Service) (CSU)
Technology, Leadership and Supervision

Associate's Degree Programs

Clinical Laboratory Sciences (WEBER)
Criminal Justice (WEBER)
General Studies (WEBER)
Health Information Technology (WEBER)

Certificate Programs

Academic Advising
APICS - Inventory Management (WEBER)
Early Childhood Administration Credential
Drivers Education (WEBER)
English as a Second Language Certification Program (WSU)
Fire Protection Technology (OSU) I
Food Science (KSU) I
Graduate Instructional Design Certificate (WSU)
Health Care Coding & Classification (WEBER)
Health Information Technology(WEBER)
Personal Financial Planning
Professional Writing Certificate (WSU)
Technical and Professional Writing (WSU) I
Telework Certificate Program (noncredit) (WSU)
Volunteer Management Certificate Program (noncredit) (WSU)

Course Delivery:

NUDC member institutions deliver distance courses using a variety of methods including the Internet, video and audio tapes, printed materials, video and teleconferences, and CD-ROMs. Students may communicate with their instructors via e-mail, telephone, fax, and mail. Details vary by course and institution.


NUDC courses are available nationwide in the U.S.; students outside the U.S. should confirm course availability in their country before enrolling. Students may take individual courses without being admitted to earn a degree. Taking distance courses may require students to access one or more of the following: VHS videocassette player (NTSC format), telephone, computer, Internet, e-mail, or a Web browser.

For more information, visit the NUDC Web site and find the degree program or course you're looking for!

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