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Ryokan College

tyoken College

Turn your dreams into reality. At Ryokan, we teach PSYCHOLOGY. It is all we teach, and we teach it better than most. Psychotherapists, Counselors and individuals holding an earned M.A. degree in Psychology or a related Behavioral Science can receive a DOCTOR of PSYCHOLOGY degree (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology 100% online.

The doctoral program in Clinical Psychology via the internet provides a unique learning experience that contains collaborative and interactive courses in asynchronous (at your convenience) and synchronous (‘live’ virtual classroom) platforms.

Our Online Psy.D. program is NOT a correspondence endeavor where a student receives downloads of information in a sterile model of academic learning. Our program requires active participation from class members and faculty and is created for those students whose time and distance from the College preclude participation at our onground classroom program. The Online program mirrors our onground program as to curriculum and in many instances, the online faculty also teaches the same course onground.

Our faculty members are selected both for their solid expertise as practicing clinicians who enjoy teaching and for their proficiency in working within the computer environment of the internet. They hold their classes once a week, at a scheduled time, in a ‘live’ virtual classroom environment.


  1. Do I need to really know a lot about computers to do this program?
    A basic comfort level with the internet, web browsers, and search engines will be helpful.
  2. Do I need any special equipment to participate?
    You need a computer and internet service provider Can use PC or Mac.
  3. Is an online program right for me?
    This program is ideal for self-motivated learners. Although there are still phone calls, students need to be comfortable following written instructions, communicating in writing, and using e-mail. If you live far from a college, this program is for you. If you are a busy professional who has problems fitting in work, play, family time, etc., than this program is for you.
  4. What about textbooks?
    We have our own online bookstore. You can obtain your textbooks from them or from any source of your choice. Their address is:

Our program leading to the Doctor of Psychology degree is 24 months long and requires completion of 77 units of graduate, doctoral level of study. Completion of a comprehensive Clinical Case Study Dissertation is also required.

The Online Psy.D. program, like the College’s onground doctoral program, is APPROVED by the California State Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. As such, graduates satisfy academic requirements to sit for the State of California Board of Psychology Licensure as a Psychologist.

Check us out. Ryokan College’s Campus: 11965 Venice Blvd., Suite 304, Los Angeles, California 90066. For further information on our Online program visit our Web Site –; e-mail – ; fax: 310-391-9756; or call our toll-free number - (866) 796-5261.

Years from now, you’ll look back on this decision as one of the wisest you ever made.

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