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S & S Tours

See more, learn more, do more with S & S Tours. This company was formed to provide a SAFE, INFORMATIVE, IN-DEPTH & FUN traveling experience for visitors to Mexico, Costa Rica, and South America. The owner, Sue Stilwell, guides most of the groups, giving personal attention to her clients. Specializing in Mexico's COPPER CANYON by Rail tours year round, S&S Tours also organizes trips for travel agents and even provides daily departures for independent travelers.

Mexico is Sue's passion. She and her guides are fluent in Spanish and English and have traveled, worked and studied in Latin America for over 30 years. Her genuine appreciation of the Latin American people and her warmth and enthusiasm provide the base for a great traveling experience and unique long-term relationships. "Susy's " groups feel very welcome and special wherever they go.

Personal attention, small groups, and in-depth interpretation of the history and culture instead of just "seeing the sights," set S&S Tours apart. The average tour of 8-15 people is active, interesting and allows time to unwind, relax & get to know each other. Personal care and attention help create a group camaraderie not found on most tours. The company has "friends" returning 2-3 times for the same trip! One client has been on 12 different tours.

Imagine yourself in Copper Canyon on a train winding its way from the Pacific Ocean into the heart of the majestic, rugged western Sierra Madre Mountain Range. On the most dramatic train ride in the western hemisphere each day is different and fascinating. Meet the shy Tarahumara Indians; witness the vast, awesome views while you stay at the best hotels in the canyon system.

Ecologically & culturally sensitive to the land & people S&S Tours has a positive impact on the areas visited. Clients take home wonderful and lasting memories. In Costa Rica get ready to glide down waterways with exotic birds, caimans and perhaps a rare manatee. Explore jungle mysteries or a live volcano or simply enjoy swimming in luxurious pools while sipping exotic fruit drinks of all descriptions.

Explore Inca ruins or climb to the peaks above Machu Picchu! Cruise Lake Titicaca at the top of the world and visit the snow capped Andes as you intermingle with today's Incas.

Yucatan's Maya Route by Rail takes you to Chichen-Itza, Uxmal and Palenque complete with jungles, hidden waterfalls or to the 20-ton Olmec heads at La Venta.

Travel to a peaceful forest in central Mexico and allow hundreds of monarch butterflies to cascade over you as they prepare their wings for flight. Be the first to touch a "friendly" gray whale in a small boat in the warm waters of Magdalena Bay. Archeology, Folk Art and Cuisine finds you appreciating the varied cultures of Oaxaca, with its folk-art and fascinating archeological sites. Take a cooking class with Iliana de la Vega of El Naranjo Restaurant fame.

"Learning Adventures with S&S Tours, LLC
In Mexico, Costa Rica or South America"

S & S Tours;
3366 E. Trevino Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650

Phone: 1 (520) 803-1352
or: 1 (800) 499-5685
Fax: 1 (520) 803-1355


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