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Cyprus International Institute of Management - CIIM

MBA courses in Cyprus business school

The dream MBA!

A great business leader, Walt Disney, once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it!” We first dreamt it, and then we turned it into reality! The dream MBA programme would have bright students from many nationalities and cultures, faculty from top business schools in Europe and North America, a cutting-edge international curriculum and be located in a major business center in sunny Mediterranean! Wishful thinking? Not anymore!

The Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) has turned this dream into reality.

… a most innovative business school
… the best of Europe and America combined

Established in 1990, “to train the best by the best in an ideal setting”, CIIM is increasingly recognized as a most innovative business school that succeeded in fusing the best of American and European business education into a single MBA programme that is world class. With an Academic Council made up of management gurus and deans of some of the world’s most successful business schools and faculty drawn from the top 20 MBA programmes, CIIM has been for over a decade the best kept secret in business education. No longer! An increasing number of bright and ambitious students from around the world are discovering CIIM.

… a world-class MBA
… a world class location

Hand picked from around the world for their outstanding academic qualifications, diverse business experience and leadership qualities, CIIM students come from five continents. They come to CIIM for the renowned faculty, the cutting-edge curriculum, the diverse perspective, the personal attention and the great climate. A world class MBA in a world-class business and leisure location, at the crossroads of three continents and with 330 sunny days a year, is truly unique. An unfair advantage you might say and a dream come true!

… elite and highly selective

But… there is a catch! CIIM is an elite school that admits only one in ten applicants. Imagination, creativity and leadership qualities count as much as a good academic record. Our world-renowned faculty would not have it any other way! We challenge you to try it and, if you have what it takes, you may too join the elite CIIM family.

… intensive with a laser sharp focus

The CIIM MBA is a modular programme that affords laser-sharp focusing on a single subject at a time in an intensive and highly interactive learning environment. With 19 full credit courses plus thesis, CIIM is one of the most demanding MBA’s anywhere. Nevertheless, it can be completed in 12 months due to its modular structure and efficient time management. For those who prefer a less intensive mode of study CIIM offers part-time as well as evening and weekend programmes.

… general MBA with specializations

You can choose to complete the general MBA programme or get an MBA with one or more specializations: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource & Organisational Behaviour, Strategy & International Business, Information Technology & Operations Management, Shipping Management & Logistics and Public Sector Management.

… a global perspective and world-wide experience

The mix of international faculty from top business schools from around the world provides you with a diverse and global perspective and exposes you to world-wide business experience. The use of business cases, group discussion, computer simulations, business games and other forms of interactive learning ensures the development of analytical and practical skills which are critical in today’s hotly competitive and rapidly changing business environment. A final project gives you the opportunity and the challenge to apply new knowledge to practical business problems, with the support of employers.

… career support and personal development

We aim to prepare bright students for international leadership careers! We conduct career and personal development workshops, arrange internships, invite potential recruiters for on-campus interviews and distribute in print and online CV directories of our MBA students to potential employers. The alumni network spread around five continents provides you with the opportunity to establish contacts that will help you in your future career.

… you must have a passion for excellence

The CIIM MBA is aimed at individuals from any discipline. In order to be considered for admissions applicants must have: an undergraduate degree in any field or equivalent professional qualification, good knowledge of English, minimum two years work experience (highly recommended), GMAT test score or a personal interview. But these are just the beginning. To enter you need to have special qualities: Leadership, motivation, and a passion for excellence.

… excellent value for money

The tuition fees for completion of the MBA programme are 14,000 Euros. Tuition includes all study material and school services. Financial assistance in the form of student and research assistantships and scholarships are awarded on merit.

… if you can dream It

The dream MBA is not only top quality and truly global; it is also flexible and friendly. You will live in a hospitable environment and get bombarded daily with intellectual stimulation from the world’s best minds; You are challenged at every turn but you also receive personal attention and career support. If you can dream it to you can do it too!

… you can apply now and start any time

To apply please complete the application form available on the CIIM website at or contact the admissions office at: tel+357 22462246, email: , fax: +357 22331121. CIIM operates on a rolling admission basis and self-contained modules, so you can start your MBA studies anytime.

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