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Family IQ online education resource

Better relationships begin at FamilyIQ...your source for making your relationships smarter.

FamilyIQ brings together the best online education resources, industry experts and community to provide you with everything you need to improve your existing relationships in four key areas:

  • Personal: Learn how to become a better you

  • Partner: Learn how to improve your relationship with your partner " Parenting: Develop and refine the skills that prepare and help you navigate the challenges of parenthood

  • Family: Learn how to deal with the issues that are impacting your family

  • Parenting: Develop and refine the skills that prepare and help you navigate the challenges of parenthood

Here's just a sampling of what FamilyIQ has to offer...

Fun, informative tests:
FamilyIQ offers both free and comprehensive tests as part of your membership. These tests assist you in learning more about yourself and others. Take the tests by themselves, or use them as part of FamilyIQ's powerful learning path that will improve your relationship knowledge and parenting skills.

Life-changing online relationship courses:
Developed by FamilyIQ's team of leading psychologists and therapists, FamilyIQ's online courses are designed to educate as well as entertain. The ever-growing course catalog provides you with the foundation for improving your relationships.
Browse the FamilyIQ course catalog to begin experiencing one of the key benefits to FamilyIQ, and to take advantage of the best relationship education available anywhere!

Community of experts and other FamilyIQ members:
You're not alone at FamilyIQ. With a host of resources, you can have relationship advice, relationship experts and the FamilyIQ community at your fingertips.
These resources include:

  • Message boards

  • Mentor program

  • Ask an expert

  • Articles and tips

  • So much More!

FamilyIQ invites you to choose from a free test or free course to introduce you to some of the important resources that FamilyIQ offers.

Free Test: Colors - Your Personality Quiz.
How well do you know yourself and others? How would you characterize your personality? Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people better than others? Take this test to find your true color type and open the gates of awareness to gain a different perspective and a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.
Take this free test now.

Free On-Line Course: Unifying Your Family: Learn How to Build a Coat of Arms. A coat of arms is a unifying framework in which core values are established, a purpose is conceived, commitments are made and steps for action are put in place. It is a way of stating what your family stands for. This course will guide you through fun and thought-provoking activities to help you identify the core values that will help you define your sense of identity, purpose and mission. Take this free course now.

Experience the difference that FamilyIQ can make in your life and your relationships!Visit FamilyIQ now!

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