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Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas and Snacks

Voted Best Tortilla!

June 2003 – Men’s Health® Magazine, the leading publication in it’s category, named Tumaro’s Honey Wheat Tortilla “THE BEST TORTILLA”

An esteemed panel of the U.S. highest qualified nutritional experts reviewed products based on their nutritional composition and TASTE. This evaluation included 125 different food items across a wide variety of product categories. Other honorees included a number of leading National Brands such as Healthy Choice®, Kraft®, Skippy®, Borden®, Stouffers®, Uncle Ben’s®, Gatorade® and Thomas®. Results were published in the June 2003 issue of Men’s Health Magazine, in a featured article “125 Best Foods for Men.”

Only Tumaro’s offers all these marvelous qualities:
  • Approved by the American Heart Association®
  • Low Fat
  • Made with Organic Ingredients (89% - 93%)
  • Made with Pesticide-free Flour
  • Contains No Lard and No Cholesterol
  • 90 Day Shelf Life, Unrefrigerated
  • 7 Flavors in 8”; 5 flavors in 10”
  • The Nation’s Best Selling FLAVORED ORGANIC Tortilla
  • #5 Brand according to IRI Data – April 2003
  • Kosher

5300 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 311, Los Angeles, California 90029
Phone (323) 464-6317 Fax (323) 464-6299


Tumaro’s Gourmet Flavored Tortilla

Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas Voted Best in the United States!

(Los Angeles) Tumaro’s, maker of the nation’s best-selling flavored tortillas, also has the best tortilla, according to a recent competition held by Men’s Health magazine, the leading publication in its category.

The magazine’s 2003 award for best tortilla went to Tumaro’s Honey Wheat. An esteemed panel of top nutritional experts reviewed products based on both nutritional composition and flavor. The evaluation included 125 food items across a wide variety of product categories. Other honorees included leading national brands such as Kraft, Dole, Stouffers, Quaker, Hormel, Tropicana and Healthy Choice.

“Our goal, from the moment we first created all of our tortilla flavors, was a perfect blend of superior nutritional value and gourmet flavor, so we are honored to be recognized by Men’s Health for that exact combination,” said Herman Jacobs, president of Los Angeles-based Tumaro’s, Inc.

The company is the nation’s leading seller of flavored tortillas. In addition to its Honey Wheat, both 8-inch and 10-inch RETAIL wrap sizes are sold in flavors including Jalapeno & Cilantro, Chipotle Chili & Peppers, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Garden Spinach & Vegetables, Pesto & Garlic, and Premium White. Tortillas are made with organic ingredients (89% - 93%), with pesticide-free flour, contain no lard or cholesterol, are low-fat and are approved by the American Heart Association. They are also Kosher.

Tumaro’s was also recently awarded “Best in Show” for their non-preservative Foodservice line of tortillas, from the American Vegetarian Association. Previously, Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas won The American Taste Award of Excellence from the American Tasting Institute. Tumaro’s offer 8, 10 and 12-13 inch wrap sizes in their Foodservice line of the 17 foodservice flavors it offers, the most popular are Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Garden Spinach & Vegetables, Honey Wheat, Pesto & Roasted Garlic, and Premium White Flour. We also offer 10 inch Dessert Wraps in the popular flavors of Apple-Cinnamon, Chocolate, Pineapple-Banana and Blueberry. All of Tumaro’s foodservice tortillas have a 45-day shelf life and contain no lard or cholesterol and they are Kosher. All of our 10-inch tortillas are low fat and come in stay-fresh, zip lock bags.

Tortillas trail only white bread as America’s most popular bread item, according to the biennial State of the Tortilla Industry Survey, conducted by Apex Research and recently released by the Tortilla Industry Association.

Tortillas comprise 32% of the sales of the U.S. bread industry and trail white bread sales by only 2%, according to the survey. Tortilla popularity far surpasses that of items such as bagels, rolls and whole-wheat products.

U.S. sales of tortillas reached $5.2 billion in 2002, with sales expanding 9 % in just the last two years. Experts estimate sales will reach $6 billion by 2004.

Tumaro’s Krispy Crunchy PUFFS ®

Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas & Snacks

Tumaro’s Tortillas
  • Made with Pesticide-free Flour
  • 89% to 93% Organic Ingredients
  • No Lard and No Cholesterol
  • Low Fat
  • American Heart Association® Approved
  • 7 Flavors in 8”; 5 Flavors in 10”
  • 90 day Shelf Life, Unrefrigerated
  • 6 Pack Cases
  • In-Store Deli Wraps: 14 Flavors in 13” Size
  • Tremendous Cross Merchandising Opportunities
  • #1 National Brand of Flavored Tortillas

Our colorful gourmet tortillas combine great taste with healthy ingredients to produce a tortilla unlike any you’ve ever tried. Only the finest ingredients and gourmet flavors enrich our seven different low fat flavors. The American Heart Association® has approved their healthful benefits. They are an excellent start to many delicious meals and snacks.

Krispy Crunchy Puffs
  • Certified Organic Snacks
  • Made with Certified Organic Non-GMO White Corn
  • Baked, Not Fried
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • No Saturated Fats
  • Free of Bioengineered Ingredients
  • All Natural
  • Kosher
  • Four Delicious Flavors
  • 9 Month Shelf Life
  • “Grab N’ Go” 1.0 oz. or Family 3.35 oz. Sizes
  • Winners of Six Prestigious Food Awards

Krispy Crunchy Puffs are delicious, healthful Certified Organic snacks that taste great!

America’s Favorite Gourmet Tortillas™
5300 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 311, Los Angeles, California 90029
Phone (323) 464-6317 Fax (323) 464-6299"


Tumaro’s Krispy Crunchy PUFFS®

Tumaro’s Krispy Crunchy Puffs® are CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Innovative and exciting, Tumaro's ORGANIC KRISPY CRUNCHY PUFFS® are a GREAT TASTING alternative snack: made with Organic non-GMO White Corn, they are Baked, not Fried, All Natural, in four delicious flavors including Tangy BBQ, Ranch & Herb, Cheddar and Original Natural. The product is Kosher: Natural and BBQ are PARVE. Ranch and Cheddar are DAIRY.

PUFFS have 50% less fat than potato chips, no hydrogenated oils, no saturated fats, no MSG. There are approximately 22 PUFFS per 1 oz. serving for 120 calories and 3 grams of fat -- Recognized by numerous diet organizations. The product has a 9 month shelf life and come in two sizes: a 1 oz. “Grab n’ Go” and a Family 3.35 oz. size.

Winner’s of numerous awards such as “Best New Product” of the 2002 International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show, and “Best of Deli” 2001 International Dairy/Deli/Bakery Association Show, and they’re still receiving incredible recognition. The prestigious Award of Excellence Medallion now appears on the front of our package just to the right of Tumaro’s Logo.

Selected from 60,000 products at the Fancy Food Show 2002 for appearance on “The Today Show” NBC TV, and called a “precious expression of creativity and taste” on “Good Morning America” ABC TV.

For more information about Tumaro’s call (323) 464-6317 or visit

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