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Urban Nutrition - Male Sexual Enhancement products

The Mens Choice is comprised of 20 men that came together to discover the complete truth about natural Male Sexual Enhancement products.

Our 20 men range from 23-44 years of age and are all alumni from an unnamed fraternity at a well respected California University.

Click Here to See the 2002 Study
Orexis™ vs. VigRx™
Click Here to See the 2003 Study
Orexis™ vs. Enzyte™
There are a lot of products out there claiming anything from ‘immediate guaranteed results’ to ‘permanent penis enlargement’. In fact, there are too many products out there for men to choose from and there is no way that every product’s claims could be true.

In order to deliver the most accurate results, TMC consulted several doctors and nutritional experts for advice on how to conduct the study. It was mutually agreed that TMC must chose ONLY 2 products and the study must be done for exactly 9 months.

Our first study was done in 2002 and the chosen products to be reviewed were: Orexis™ and VigRx™

When we finished our first study comparison in October of 2002 -- Orexis™ was voted a unanimous & enthusiastic “Thumbs Up” and was also voted the superior product over VigRx™ by 18 out of 20 reviewers.

As the first winner of The Mens Choice Award, Orexis™ went on to be reviewed in the 2003 study comparison with a new product.

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