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United States Military Academy - West Point

The United States Military Academy - West Point
The United States Military Academy

The United States Military Academy, the nation's oldest national service academy, focuses on educating, training and inspiring the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate will be commissioned a leader of character. The Corps embraces the values of "Duty, Honor, Country" throughout their career in the service of their country and beyond.

West Point is considered one of the premiere leadership institutions in the world. Cadets develop their intellectual and physical skills under a moral-ethical environment that is guided by the Honor Code. Simply the Honor Code states that "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." The purpose of the Honor Code is to foster a commitment to honorable living in cadets in preparation for their service as leaders of character for the Army.

Founded in 1802, West Point is located approximately 50 miles north of New York City in the picturesque Hudson Valley. The Corps of Cadets numbers about 4,000 and each year about 1,200 of the best and brightest young men and women join the other members of the Long Gray Line in order to prepare for service as leaders in the world's finest Army.

The United States Military Academy - West Point

The West Point curriculum prepares West Point graduates for meeting the demands of being an officer in the United States Army by preparing them to deal with the many challenges and complex technologies.

The challenge for today's Army officer is bringing together people and technology to support diverse missions. The West Point academic program affords cadets a broad education designed to develop versatile, creative, and critical thinkers who can adapt to the professional and ethical challenges that will confront them during their military careers.

The United States Military Academy - West Point

The West Point curriculum is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Cadets may select from 42 majors that cover virtually all of the arts, sciences and engineering disciplines one would expect to find in a highly selective college or university. Cadets may enter most majors without restriction. A graduate earns a Bachelor of Science degree. Our undergraduate engineering programs rank in the top ten in the country. Each year we have Cadets selected for the prestigious Rhodes, Marshall or Truman scholarships. Our Cadets intern with companies around the country and conduct training and education abroad.

The core curriculum ranges from 26 to 30 courses depending on the discipline selected. A major requires 10 to 14 additional courses.

Classes are small with 12-18 cadets and the student-faculty ratio is 8 to 1. About 75 percent of the faculty is military personnel who have completed graduate work at the most respected universities. All faculty members have master's degrees and over 50 percent have doctoral qualifications.

The United States Military Academy - West Point

Military training is conducted primarily during the summer here at West Point's Camp Buckner and at military installations throughout the country and the world. The transition from civilian life to a military environment is challenging. A New Cadet must first learn to follow. In each succeeding year cadets receive progressive leadership responsibilities and hone their leadership skills.

Cadets also participate in a highly respected intercollegiate athletic program and a physical development program. There are 25 intercollegiate teams for men and women and about one-third of the Corps is involved with this activity. There is also an extensive competitive club sports program and an intramural sports program in which cadet companies develop rivalries.

The United States Military Academy - West Point

The athletic facilities at West Point are top notch. Michie Stadium, home of the Army football team, is considered one of the most picturesque venues for college football in the nation. The Michie Sports Complex includes Kimsey Athletic Center and Randall Hall. Holleder Center houses Tate Rink for the Army hockey team and Christl Arena for the men and women's basketball teams.

For information on admission to West Point write to:

Director of Admissions,
United States Military Academy,
646 Swift Road,
West Point,
NY 10996-1905

or call (845) 938-4041.

The Admissions website at provides additional information as well as an on-line application.

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