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Baltimore Hebrew University

Baltimore Hebrew University
5800 Park Heights Avenue ● Baltimore, MD 21215 ●
Phone: 410-578-6900 ●
888-248-7420 (toll free) ●

Baltimore Hebrew University, founded in 1919, is the premier academic institution of higher learning in Maryland devoted solely to all aspects of Judaic and Hebraic studies. Its mission is to preserve, generate, transmit and apply knowledge of Judaism through the teaching of its culture and civilization within the context of world civilization. A fully accredited non-denominational, degree-granting institution of higher education serving a regional and national population, BHU’s degree programs train professionals in Jewish communal service and education and educate those choosing Jewish study for its own sake. The university provides opportunities to pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and also offers an extensive program in Lifelong Learning, including Me’ah, a 100-hour, non-credit course of Jewish study with university faculty. As a nondenominational university for Jewish Studies, BHU welcomes all who are interested in the languages, texts and history of the Jewish experience.

Master of Arts in Jewish Studies (MAJS)
The MAJS provides students immersion in Jewish classics as well as comprehension of the scope of the Jewish experience. The program consists of a core sequence and a major in one of six fields: bible, rabbinics, Jewish thought mysticism, history or contemporary Jewish studies. Graduates may go on to PhD programs or undertake study for their own learning.

Master of Arts in Jewish Education (MAJE)
The MAJE provides students with the tools to become effective Jewish educators. Integrating classical and contemporary Jewish studies with pedagogy and best educational practices, the program prepares graduates for careers as teachers or administrators in formal or informal Jewish educational settings. Students select either the teaching or administrative track, and may elect to attend full-time or part-time. The five core components of both tracks are: Jewish studies, educational theory, methodology, a practicum seminary, and a supervised internship.

Master of Arts in Jewish Communal Service (MAJCS)
The MAJCS prepares professional leaders for the Jewish community of the 21st century. Graduates enter careers in various settings, including Jewish federations, Jewish camps, Hillel organizations, other Jewish organizations and synagogues. Core components include graduate Jewish studies courses, professional and management courses, supervised internships, and practicum seminar.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The PhD offers a generalist PhD in Jewish studies with a concentration in bible, rabbinics, Jewish thought and mysticism, history, modern Jewish literature or contemporary Jewish studies. Courses place classical Jewish texts and Jewish history and culture into the broad scope of world civilization.

Dual Degrees and Certificate Programs
Dual degree masters programs are offered in social work (taken at University of Maryland, Baltimore), public policy (at Johns Hopkins University or University of Maryland, Baltimore County) and internal within BHU (MAJE/MAJS; MAJE/MAJCS). The Darrell D. Friedman Institute for Professional Development at the Weinberg Center provides enrichment for the professional training of BHU students interested in pursuing careers in Jewish Communal Service. Graduate certificates are offered in Non-profit Management (with Johns Hopkins University), Jewish education and Jewish communal service.

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