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National Cancer Centre Singapore

A regional centre of excellence, the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a one-stop centre offering a holistic range of clinical services to patients. NCCS houses Singapore's largest pool of cancer specialists and it treats the largest number of cancer cases in Singapore.

It is the first and largest Radiation Therapy centre in Singapore and it also serves as a referral centre for the East Asia region.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Management
It is physically and operationally designed to provide integrated and holistic patient-centred clinical services. This allows cross-consultation among oncologists of different specialties and patients can therefore be assessed by more than one specialist during the same visit and at the same clinic.

A team approach by all relevant medical and allied health disciplines has been adopted towards achieving the best outcome for patients. Every treatment is shared and so it allows exploration of different views and concepts by a panel of learned specialists who will periodically review the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Regular multidisciplinary tumour boards for various cancer groups are conducted on a weekly schedule. The cases presented by their primary caregivers will be scrutinized and challenged by relevant specialty interest groups made up of pathologists, medical oncologists and palliative physicians. The board will arrive at a consensus for an optimum treatment plan for patients.

Expertise in Performing Complex Surgeries
The Department of Surgical Oncology is performing a higher number of complex procedures. It is rapidly establishing itself as a regional referral unit for complex cancer surgery.

Advances in Research
Cancer management has taken on an exciting dimension with a suite of new treatment protocols, screening technologies and educational programmes to detect cancer earlier and improve patients' chances of treatment and cure. On the research front, we have advanced our understanding of battling cancer with innovations to better predict individual susceptibility to disease, more precisely diagnose cancer and tailor-make treatment based on detailed molecular understanding.

One of our clinician scientists had won the Merit Award at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2005. The centre's success is due in no small measure to the quality of our staff. Their dedication, drive and talent have helped lessen the burden of cancer patients.

The work of our research staff brings with it the solemn promise of better research and evidence-based care to our patients. Our research efforts have been acclaimed by the medical fraternity overseas with publications in leading peer reviewed international journals like the Cell, Nature Cell Biology, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Oncogene and Cancer Research.

National Cancer Centre Singapore
11 Hospital Drive
Singapore 169610
Tel: 65 6236 9433
Fax: 65 6536 0611
Website: www.nccs.com.sg

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