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Yonsei University - Korea

1) Yonsei Spirit and Philosophy
"Truth" and "Freedom"

The oldest private university in Korea, Yonsei University was first established in 1885 by Christian missionaries. Our mission is to educate leaders who will contribute to humanity in the spirit of truth and freedom. The 300,000 alumni of Yonsei who take this calling to heart can be found manifesting this proud spirit from leadership positions around the world.

Yonsei University cultivates leaders who embody the spirit of truth and freedom. Our founding philosophy was chosen from a passage in the Gospel according to John: "If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (8:31-32). "Truth" here is understood not only to refer to divine Truth, but also to right knowledge and scientific truths; "Freedom" connotes a life that is genuinely free because the pursuit of honorable thoughts and righteous actions leaves no room for dark thoughts and doubts that shackle our lives.

Yonsei University thus serves as a learning ground for global leaders who will contribute to society with a deep and clear understanding of the Christian spirit of truth and freedom.

2) Yonsei Vision
Yonsei Vision 2020 "Yonsei Standing Proud"

To commemorate our 120th anniversary, in 2005, Yonsei launched a bold campaign, Yonsei Vision 2020 "Yonsei Standing Proud" to solidify our status as a world-class education and research institution.

2020 Vision Declaration

For 120 years, Yonsei has nurtured leaders who contribute to our community and humankind based upon the spirit of truth and freedom.

During its first 60 years, Yonsei played a central role in Korea's Enlightenment, the development of modern medical science and the preservation of Korean classics. Over the next 60 years, Yonsei played a pivotal role in the modernization of the country. We take deep pride in our contributions as a leader in Korean history over the past 120 years. In our dynamic world with its global competition and technology innovation, Yonseians must now realize a new calling, particularly as we prepare for a unified Korea.

To celebrate our 120th anniversary, we declare our Yonsei Vision 2020.

As a global research frontier, we seek to establish 5 academic disciplines among the 10 best in the world within 5 years and to be ranked within the top 50 in scientific and engineering research overall. As a learning ground that pursues the truth, we seek to move beyond our status as Korea's leading university to the level of one of the world's premier universities.

Yonsei nurtures leaders who serve their neighbors and devote themselves to the world community. We strive to be a university that is beloved and trusted around the world for servant leadership that seeks to fulfill ones duty to society through education and service.

Yonsei will be a leader in creative change in university education. We will cultivate an innovative culture that respects tradition without preoccupation with the past and that adheres to fundamental principles without avoiding challenges that offer opportunities.

Upon fulfilling this vision, we will be a place where the world's talented youth will want to belong, where the world's prominent scholars will conduct their research and where the world's esteemed alumni will be honored.

This embodies the vision we pursue, "Yonsei Standing Proud."

3) Yonsei Songdo Global Academic complex

On 8th May 2006, Incheon City and Yonsei University concluded a land provision contact to establish the Yonsei Songdo Global Academic Complex within the Incheon Free Economic Zone currently under development. The planned construction site is an area of 1.8?, approximately half the size of Korea's central financial district of Yoido. The phase one and phase two construction sites have areas of 0.92? and 0.89?, respectively.

Yonsei University envisages a new university model for Korea through the Songdo Global Academic Complex, which is designed to be built in two stages. The first stage will see the construction of the Global Campus, Joint University Campus, R&D Campus, and the Global Academic Village. Please two construction will commence in 2011, upon completion of the first stage in 2010.

The Yonsei Songdo Global Academic Complex aims to become a major Asia hub of education and research, and the new vibrant core of Yonsei University.

The Global Campus
The Yonsei Songdo Global Year Program

The Yonsei Songdo Global Year Program will require all Yonsei undergraduates to spend either their sophomore, junior, or senior year at the Songdo Global Campus, with a total annual enrollment of 3,000 students.

The Songdo Global Year Program intends to strengthen interdisciplinary education by developing cross-disciplinary academic tracks. In addition, a curriculum compatible with other leading international programs will be taught both in English and Asian Languages including Chinese , Japanese, Korean, etc. Furthermore, as part of our efforts to orge a partnership between business and education, there will be a program of lectures for students sponsored by multinational firms.

Residential College System

At the heart of the Yonsei Songdo Global Academic Complex will be the residential college system, a proactive educational system which will provide not only a world-class educational experience in the classroom, but education for life through a commitment to the development of a thriving campus community capable of challenging students in every facet of their lives.

This shred living experience will provide an environment conducive to the cultivation of international leaders by giving Korean students the opportunity to study and live with their counterparts form around the world.

International College

At the International College, students are educated to cultivate leadership, in the true sense of the term, for our increasingly globalized future. Our plan is for the current successfully meet the goal, we intend to modify and supplement the existing curriculum in order to create a fully integrated program of international education, and will make a special effort to attract top students from Central and East Asia. In addition, we will implement a vibrant program of exchange for both students and professors with universities in Asia, European and the Americas.

International Summer University

During the summer vacation, renowned scholars will be invited from all over the world, and students from around the globe will be able to take courses for internationally-recognized college credit at an affordable cost.

Songdo Language Institute

The establishment of the Songdo Language Institute will provide large-scale foreign language education facilities in Chinese and Japanese and Korean for those studying or engaged in research at Songdo Global Academic Complex. The Institute will also include an Intensive English Training Course.

Global Summer Program for Middle and High School Students

The aim of the Yonsei Global Summer Program is to develop early relationships with the nation's top students years before their graduation from high school, securing for Yonsei globally educated students at an early age.

Yonsei MBA Programme

1. Yonsei School of Business

  • Education Goal: To foster "Creative Global Leaders" to lead a successful global society
  • Vision: Competitive School of Business differentiated through research and a holistic education approach
    (Asian top 5 School of Business by 2010, World top 50 School of Business by 2015)

2. History

  • 1917. Established the Department of Business and Economics at Yonhee private professional school
  • 1950. Renamed the College of Business and Economics
  • 1958. Established the Department of Business
  • 1965. Established the Graduate School of Business, Launched Master's Program and Study Program
  • 1976. Launched Graduate school of business AMP (Advanced Management Program)
  • 1998. Launched Global MBA Program
  • 1999. Opened Sangnam Institute of Management
  • 2003. Separated the Department of Business from College of Business and Economics and established Yonsei School of Business
  • 2006. Established Yonsei MBA School

3. Organization

  • College of Business Administration
    • Goal and activity: Deliver training in strategic management and responsible company administration, students learn about various aspects of business administration and develop strategic thinking, professional expertise and rational
    • Main programs: Bachelor, Master's, Doctorate
  • MBA School
    • Goal and activity: Cultivate a style of manager capable of actively dealing with quickly-changing market environments. YSB adopted a team leader training method. It consists of innovative education programs and a team focused approach to learning.
    • Main program: Fulltime MBA, Part-time MBA, AMP (Advanced Management Program)
  • Sangnam Institute of Management
    • Goal and activity: Educate professional managers/ develop and operate non-degree management education programs / review case studies / publish English journals/ hold international symposiums and forums etc
    • Main programs: Global Executive MBA, non-degree program
  • Management Research Center
    • Goal and activity: Quality development of Korean management through theoretical study and practical analysis/ apply theories to both global and local cases and general industries/ publish regular magazines etc.

4. Distinction of Yonsei MBA Program

  • Strong connection to global business education communities through exchange programs with over 500 universities world-wide
  • Lectures by invited professors from top foreign business schools, while increasing the diversity of cultural experience opportunities
  • Programs based on corporate membership
  • Increasing education opportunities and English language lectures (From 2007 Fall semester)

5. Specific distinction of Yonsei MBA program

  • Separately operated by Global MBA and Corporate MBA program
  • Global MBA Program
    • Well established English MBA programs aimed at cultivating global business leaders
    • Lectures by globally prominent professors: Wharton, Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, Cornell, ISES etc.
    • International Exchange Agreement with University of British Columbia
    • Student and professor exchange programs with Chicago GSB and University of Northwestern (Kellog)
    • G.E.T (Global Experience Trip): Lectures at American/ European business schools including 2 weeks of lectures and exposure to a global culture experience, GET at IESE in Spain (June, 2007)
  • Corporate MBA Program
    • Korean language, full-time MBA program
    • Fostering a global business mindset through an academic-industrial education model and foreign company exchange program etc.
    • Programs for non-business-majors, and applicants in need of improving English skills
    • Middle manager customized "Action Learning Project (ALP)": Consulting-style programs reviewing key case studies and strategic corporate models in an environment where MBA students and advising professors work as a team

6. Remarkable Performance

  • Business administration of global business
    • 600 exchange students from over 500 universities based all around the world
    • AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools) Network
    • To be authorized AACSB
    • AAPBS Activities
    • Over 3500 global business programs
    • PIM (Program in International Management) Exchange program
  • Cultivating the global business leader
    • First regular English MBA course
    • Over 50% foreign professors among new professors
    • Korea's first education research activity agreement with Columbia: Annual lectures from two CBS professors at YSB
    • Global business leader forum
  • Creative new YSB building
    • New building representing creative business leadership: Designed by Alvaro Siza (refer to Appendix), equipped with a state-of-the-art wireless electronic library, discussion focused customized classrooms
  • Global Network
    • Most CPA practitioners in Korea
    • Numerous alumni over 90 years
    • Activities in over 20 countries by over 100 YSB alumni

7. Location

  • Office address and phone number
    • [120-749] Yonsei School of Business, 134 Shinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
    • TEL: +82-2-2123-2494, 3259,
    • FAX: +82-2-313-3978
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