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Amity University

What difference does an MBA make to a prospective employer?

There are two main important reasons why employers prefer MBA's.

First, that a Business School is a good 'sifting' ground for talent. For example, at the Amity Business School over 20,000 students apply for only a few hundred seats. They are judged on analytical skills, interpersonal skills and over 15 other different criteria. Also, in every interview panel there is, in addition to 2 senior faculty members, a CEO or HR Head from leading companies. Any student who passes this rigorous process is sure to be an asset for any organization and thus makes the recruitment process much easier.

Secondly, employers need people who will be proactive, understand the organizational needs and can lead teams to success without a lengthy induction/training period. An MBA is trained thoroughly for two years to join an organization, fit to take on responsibility from day one.

What effect does an MBA have on the student? How do they change/benefit from their studies?

An MBA has many effects on a student:

  • They interact with people with diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.
  • They analyse the successes and failures of businesses, thus hopefully starting on a higher footing.
  • They learn how to work in teams and delegate work to achieve tasks.
  • They interact with top corporate leaders and imbibe their best attributes. At Amity we have the CEO Dinner Series where we invite a leading CEO to a five-star Hotel restaurant to have dinner with ten students.

Why is it important for business education to have a global perspective?

The Business World is totally global these days, thus business education has to equip students for this. Amity has, seeing this importance, set up a whole institution focused on International Business.

How does your institution provide this global perspective on your MBA programmes? Are there opportunities to study overseas or enjoy placements in a foriegn country?

Amity has partnerships with top Universities like Purdue where students can do part of their MBA program. Also Amity has the 3 continent MBA program where students study partly in India, USA and UK.

There are a lot of opportunities for summer training in foreign countries and many students get jobs in top companies around the world.

Amity also regularly helps call top management gurus like Tom Peters, Kenichi Ohmae, Philip Kotler, etc to India to interact with students and corporate leaders.


Atul Chauhan
CEO, AKC Group of Companies
President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (Amity)
Chancellor, Amity University


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