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BEM - Bordeaux Management School

Institute for Supply Chain Excellence
Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management
Our graduates know that strategy is nothing without innovation.

Supply Chain Excellence
Founded 23 years ago, at the initiative of the Bordeaux Business School and at the behest of professional members of International Logistics Association (ASLOG, ELA) the ISLI – Institute for Supply Chain Excellence is Europe's leading programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The term supply chain implies a team approach to management, and today's business environment implies cross-border chains of operation.

MSc in Global Supply Chain Management
The curriculum revolves around five main topics: Managerial and Technical Basics, Fundaments Global Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chain Approaches and Methodologies, Managing International Supply Chain, International Internship.

Classes run full-time over a period of nine months and are given in English by international lecturers and Supply Chain professionals. The course concludes with an international corporate internship lasting four to six months.

The course involves a wide range of teaching methods, combining seminars organised in different countries with consultancy projects carried out on behalf of international companies. Students are placed in a professional position early on so that they rapidly recognise the implication of their recommendations in the work environment.

Programme contents
1. Managerial and Technical Basics
2. Fundaments Global Supply Chain Management
3. Global Supply Chain Approaches and Methodologies
4. Managing the International Supply Chain
5. International Internship
6. Global Supply Chain Thesis

Case-study method
The best way to learn is from real life experience. Innovations in the supply chain are appearing every day. We use recent cases to ensure that the validity of the lessons is at the highest level. Our own research and bench-marking projects help to reinforce the applied approach of our programme.

Supply chain workshops
Supply chain management workshops are organised worldwide in partnership with international companies such as CARREFOUR, L'OREAL, MICHELIN… It enhances decision making skills in a multicultural environment. Those week-long seminars enable participants to complete a supply chain management consultancy assignment.

Supply chain consultancy project
Carried out on an alternating basis from October to April, this project constitutes one of the pillars of the programme. These consultancy projects transform students into a corporate players, enhancing their ability to manage, make decisions, work with real data and subsequently implement strategic supply chain choices.

International internship
From July to October or December, students will be on the job working on specific missions defined by the company they work for. Once the internship period is completed, the student will prepare a report and present the completed assignment before a panel in which the company representative is present.

You will constantly find yourself confronted with on-the-job working conditions: researching on your own to prepare a group analysis and draft a report to be presented before your peers, your professors or a board of outside professionals.

Your ability to be flexible and reactive is key; to deal with short deadlines and considerable pressure in analysing cases, solving problems and reporting your results will influence the way you are evaluated over the course of the year.


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