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U21 Global Graduate School

When was the
last time you
succeeded by
thinking in the box?

No successful business leader has ever
done that. Neither should you.

Redefining education and learning.

Successful business leaders have creative skills which they didn’t get from rote learning or old-fashioned teaching methods. At U21Global, we understand this. That’s why our international faculty thrives on nurturing your educational and career aspirations... by actively guiding your learning and actively helping you become adept at formulating your own conclusions and strategies.

The result?

• A proven capacity to create strategies for success quickly and independently.
• An ability to analyse and interpret complex information and situations effectively.
• A future where your successes are limited only by your imagination.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?
Experience the global classroom @ U21Global


• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Management in Information Technology
• Master of Science in Tourism & Travel Management
• Master of Management in International Business
• Executive Diploma and Certificate Programmes

To apply, visit or call + 65 6410 1399

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