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FasTracKids Franchise


"No other early childhood program, in my opinion, has shown such dramatic results in so short a time period." - New York City school principal and a FasTracKids licensee

FasTracKids delivers enrichment education for tomorrow's leaders

Based on an acclaimed academic curriculum and a business model that has been crafted with related companies over more than three decades, FasTracKids International, Ltd. offers exciting business opportunities for teachers, sales professionals, daycare center operators, and entrepreneurs of all ages.

Founded in 1998, FasTracKids was recognized last year as one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. The company has appointed more than 170 licensees in over 30 countries.

Thousands of children ages 3-6 have benefited from the technologically advanced FasTracKids Curriculum. Parents can enroll their child in FasTracKids at any time and their children receive two years of enrichment education in 12 subject areas.

In addition to seeking new licensees, FasTracKids is also looking for Area Development licensees in some areas to help establish FasTracKids Academies.

For more information about FasTracKids, please visit, or call FasTracKids' World Headquarters in the U.S. at (303) 224-0200 to ask questions or to request a copy of the FasTracKids Academy Briefing Video.

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