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Craters and Freighters

Defining An Industry
In 1990, Craters & Freighters created an industry by offering custom crating and shipping solutions to address the needs of businesses and consumers with shipments too big, fragile, valuable or uniquely shaped for traditional parcel shippers. Now, with the only national network of  'Specialty Freight Handlers,' Craters & Freighters dominates the industry.

Target Markets
The Craters & Freighters marketing plan targets the art and antique communities initially, followed by commercial and corporate applications such as manufacturers, tele-com businesses, electronic and appliance centers, moving and storage companies, and retail packaging and shipping stores.

The total initial investment ranges from $90,000 to $130,000, which includes the franchise fee of $27,000, training, opening and ongoing assistance, and enrollment in our carrier discount and cargo insurance programs. Royalties are 5% of gross revenues and a National Ad Fund contribution of 1%.

Sources of revenue are: Freight, Packing and Crating, Insurance, and Delivery. The Federal Trade Commission restricts disclosure of revenue figures by franchisors. You can, however, discuss revenues with Craters & Freighters franchise owners.

Competitive Advantage
Our loyalty to individual freight carriers enables us to negotiate substantial discounts, which, in turn, gives you a low cost of goods and very competitive rates to offer your customers. Our cargo insurance policy allows you to offer ironclad coverage on even the most precious, valuable cargo. You operate using our proprietary software and become part of our growing network of locations.

Business and/or industry experience, although helpful, is not necessary. We will train you on all aspects of our business when you attend the ten day training session in Denver. You must, however, have computer skills for Windows operating system and the Internet. Familiarity of Quickbooks and Outlook Express is beneficial, but not required.


  • Do you have exclusive territories?
    Yes, we only open one Craters & Freighters franchise per metropolitan area with the exception of the six largest US markets. Unlike retail businesses, we have the ability to get to customers throughout a city. We have approximately 30 territories available; to see what markets are open,
    click here.

  • How many employees will I need?
    You will need two people (either partners or employees) to initiate operations and you will need to add a third person between the third and fifth month of business.

  • How much space is needed?
    You need to lease 2500 to 3500 square feet of warehouse space located near the central business district.

"The return, the support, and the variety of this business are outstanding. It's a great investment. Every day brings something new."

Al Blalock
Franchise Owner
Craters & Freighters of Seattle

Contact Us
Craters & Freighters Franchise Company
7000 East 47th Avenue Drive, Suite 100 • Denver, CO 80216-3450
303-399-8190 • 800-949-9931 • Fax 303-399-9964
Ask for Extension #70

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