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East Coast Fertility, Plainview, NY

Success With Low Risk At East Coast Fertility

In 1985, Drs. Howard W. Jones Jr. and his wife Georgeanna Seegar Jones, the two pioneers of in-vitro fertilization in the western hemisphere, proposed the potential benefits of cryopreserving or freezing embryos following an IVF cycle. They predicted that cryopreserving embryos for future transfers would increase the overall success rate of IVF and make the procedure more efficient and cost effective. They also suggested that it would reduce the overall risks of IVF. For example, one fresh IVF cycle might yield many embryos which can be used in future frozen embryo transfer cycles, if necessary. This helps to limit the exposure to certain risks confronted only in a fresh IVF cycle such as the use of injectable stimulation hormones, the egg retrieval operation, and general anesthesia.

At East Coast Fertility, we are realizing the Jones' dream of safer, more efficient and cost effective IVF. By utilizing the ability to cryopreserve embryos in 2006, 125 patients under 35 were able to conceive in 167 retrieval cycles! In addition, because of our outstanding Embryology Laboratory, we are usually able to transfer as few as 1 or 2 high quality embryos per cycle and avoid risky triplet pregnancies. In fact, since 2002, the only triplet pregnancies we have experienced have resulted from the successful implantation of two embryos, one of which goes on to split into identical twins (this is rare!). By cryopreserving embryos in certain high-risk circumstances, we are able to vastly reduce the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome requiring hospitalization. At East Coast Fertility, safety of our patients comes first. Fortunately, our success with frozen embryo transfers is equivalent to that of fresh embryo transfers, so that pregnancy rates are not compromised in the name of safety.

The Single Embryo Transfer Program has been initiated at East Coast Fertility. Patients in program get free cryopreservation and up to 3 additional free Frozen Embryo Transfers until patients experience a live birth.

Consult With The Embryology Director - ECF customizes clinical care for patients in office and the laboratory.

CoCulture OF Embryos uses cumulus cells that are living, active, dividing cells that filter out bad components, while supplying growth factors to the embryo. They also produce hyaluronic acid which helps mature the eggs and is important for embryo development. At retrieval, after aspirating a patient's follicles, we co-culture her cumulus cells with the fertilized embryo to aid growth and improve implantation. Unlike most culture media that embryos are placed into, co-culture cells can modify the amount of nutrients they supply based on the individual needs of the embryos.

We also offer embryo glue, laser assisted hatching, blast transfer. Testicular biopsy often successful for men without ejaculated sperm.

Complementary Massage while you wait for your appointment.

ECF has been selected to participate in the NY State DOH Grant. NY State Residents earning less than $195,000 are eligible for this subsidy. Please call at (516) 939-BABY (2229) or email at for an application. Website is www.eastcoastfertility.com. We also have IVF studies and financing to assist our patients without IVF coverage.


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