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Trying to conceive a baby? Look no further... is the Internet’s leading provider of trying-to-conceive products! Here’s just a small sampling of the products we carry – all with free same-day shipping on orders of $15 or more! (All orders are shipped in discreet packaging to protect your privacy.)

  • Early Detection Pregnancy Test
    Our signature product. We carry the earliest detection pregnancy tests available, allowing you to find out if you’re pregnant earlier than with regular store brands – for as low as $0.50/test! With our FDA-approved tests, you can begin testing as early as 6-8 days after conception (or 7-10 days past ovulation) - well before your missed period.
  • Ovulation Tests
    When you’re trying to get pregnant, successfully pinpointing your ovulation date is critical. At, you can purchase FDA-approved ovulation tests that detect your “LH surge” (your most fertile time of the month) for as little as $0.55/test!
  • Fertility Monitors
    We carry a broad array of fertility monitors, including the Fertile Focus saliva-based ovulation microscope, the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (and replacement sticks), OvaCue, and the new Ov-Watch.
  • Fertility Enhancing Supplements
    Natural fertility supplements can help to normalize an irregular cycle, optimize your reproductive health, and improve your chances of conceiving. We carry only the highest quality fertility supplements, including Fertility Blend, FertileCM, and the best-selling FertilAid (identified as a “must have” product for moms and moms-to-be in Pregnancy Magazine’s Annual Buyer’s Guide).
  • Sperm-Friendly Lubricants
    Having intercourse “on demand” while trying to conceive can be stressful and lead to vaginal dryness. Unfortunately, personal lubricants can harm sperm and prevent them from reaching their ultimate destination – the egg. That’s where Pre-Seed comes in, the first “sperm-friendly” lubricant. Pre-Seed mimics natural body secretions to create an optimal sperm environment.
  • Basal Thermometers
    We carry high-sensitivity basal thermometers (both digital and glass) for charting your basal body temperature - a great way to help identify when you ovulate!
  • ...Much More!
    We also carry popular trying-to-conceive books, DVDs, male fertility tests, prenatal vitamins, and much more!

Visit today at or contact us at .

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