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United World Telecom

Are you looking for new business opportunities in the telecommunication industry and to save money on your international calls? We, at United World Telecom, are looking for motivated individuals to promote and sell our services in Asia!

With United World Telecom you can become a customer and save on your international calls, or you can also sell our services and make money!

Becoming an agent of United World Telecom and building a successful business is easy and rewarding. There are two basic programs for starting an independent telecom business through a close affiliation with United World Telecom:

Independent Agent: As an agent, you represent United World Telecom brand name along with the services and prices we offer. You receive up to 20% monthly commission based on the total paid usage of the customers who sign up through your agency. There is no sign up fee for becoming an agent and you receive excellent support through a team of marketing professionals.

Reseller: As a reseller, United World Telecom gives you deeply discounted wholesale rates and allows you to set your own retail rates. This program is for individuals or companies who want to handle payments, invoicing and all customers service issues directly with the customer. To start this program, you need to submit an initial prepayment toward your customers' usage.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information about how you can join our network of agents and resellers, or if you want to become a customer!

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