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Mercersburg Academy Summer Programs

Mercersburg Academy


Mercersburg Summer Programs
300 East Seminary Street
PA 17236
Tel: 717-328-6225

Inspire your spirit, enrich your mind, and challenge your body in an ideal setting for summer programs that range from arts workshops to sports camps, from adventure camps to professional development seminars.

Nationally recognized as one of the premier prep schools in the country, Mercersburg Academy becomes Summer Central from June through August, offering a dazzling display of exciting opportunities for intellectual fulfillment, personal growth and development, and fun.

Located in southcentral Pennsylvania, just 90 minutes west and north of Washington D.C., our 300 acre campus features wireless networking, newly renovated air-conditioned dormitories, extensive academic and athletic facilities, and dining services that are rated ‘excellent’ every summer.

For more information on our array of programming options, call 717-328-6225 or visit our website at and follow the links under Summer Programs.

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