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Des Moines University - Master of Public Health Program

Des Moines University

The University
Des Moines University was founded in 1898 as the Dr. S.S. Still College of Osteopathy. It is the second oldest Osteopathic medical college in the country and is a unique independent university offering graduate programs in health sciences only. Des Moines University provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become health care professionals dedicated to maintaining and restoring health. The university was proud to name former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as the 14th president of Des Moines University in 2003.

The Master of Public Health Program
The Master of Public Health (MPH) program began in 1999 to serve the needs of working adults in the community and surrounding area. Students nationwide have seen the quality education available and joined us in the heartland to pursue their education.

The MPH program is ideal for working students, offering classes in a flexible, non-traditional evening and weekend format. This format enables students to use the classroom material immediately and apply real-world experience to their education.

Students attending class part time can complete the MPH program in less than three years. Full-time students can complete the degree much sooner. The MPH is a generalist degree geared toward public health practitioners. Emphasis areas are available in Health Care Administration and Health Education. Opportunities for a dual Master of Healthcare Administration/Master of Public Health degree or a Certificate of Public Health are also an option.

The Faculty
The MPH program has a blend of full-time core faculty members and dedicated adjunct faculty who teach in their areas of expertise. The full-time faculty members are experienced presenters and researchers with numerous publications in national journals. The adjunct faculty members are local and national leaders in public health, health care administration, law, policy, education and much more.

public health program

The Students
DMU’s public health students are a very diverse population. They range in age from 21 to 60 years old, with zero to 20 years of experience in the health environment. Each brings a new perspective to the classroom, where they are encouraged to share new ideas and well established techniques. Students learn as much from each other as they do from the faculty.

The Community
Des Moines is a wonderful community in which to live and work. Many students aren’t sure what they’ll find in Des Moines. Students are pleasantly surprised to discover that Des Moines is a thriving city with places to go and things to do.

With an area population of 450,000, Des Moines prides itself on a relaxed metropolitan lifestyle. The metro area has concerts, theater, opera, Triple A baseball, lakes, recreational areas, and seasonal and cultural activities year round.

Business is alive and well in Des Moines. Only New York City has more downtown workers per capita employed in insurance and finance. Des Moines is the world’s third largest insurance center. Having “the kind of environment in which companies thrive," Des Moines was named one of the nation’s top 10 international cities by World Trade magazine.

Contact DMU:
Division of Health Management
Des Moines University
3200 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50316
(515)271-1364 or 800-240-2767 ext. 1364

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