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University of Southern California Public Health and Preventive Medicine training

University Of Southern California University Of Southern California
University Of Southern California

Department of Preventive Medicine / USC Keck School of Medicine

Do substance abuse prevention programs work? Does air quality affect childhood asthma? Can communities create the conditions needed for improved health? These are some of the many public health questions USC faculty are asking, and we want you to be a part of the answer. USC offers Bachelor, Master, doctoral and post-doctoral level training in Public Health and Health Behavior in the Department of Preventive Medicine / USC Keck School of Medicine.

Preventive Medicine faculty are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their fields committed to excellence in research, teaching, and public health practice. Adjacent to downtown Los Angeles, USC programs are spread throughout the city, providing a culturally and ethnically rich environment to explore the challenges facing Urban America in the 21st Century.

The Alhambra Campus – Health Science Alhambra, USC Keck School of Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion Disease Prevention Studies
The undergraduate degree in health promotion provides instruction on the socio-cultural, behavioral, psychological and biological factors contributing to wellness and disease. Students may apply for an accelerated one-year master’s program (MPH) during their junior year.

Master of Public Health
Program curriculum addresses behavioral theory, intervention strategies and evaluation procedures for community health promotion and primary and secondary prevention. Students receive graduate level training necessary to master core content areas of public health with the opportunity to select a specialization in:

  • Health Promotion

  • Epidemiology/Biostatistics

  • Health Communication

  • Nutrition

USC MPH Alumni, Monica Benitez and Ester Cornelis in Chengdu, China studying the prevalence of drug use and its association to various diseases for their public health internships.

Doctor of Philosophy in Preventive Medicine/Health Behavior Research
The PhD program is designed to train researchers and scholars in the multidisciplinary field of health behavior research who will apply this knowledge to the goal of primary and secondary prevention of disease. Program curriculum encompasses theoretical and methodological training in allied fields as communication, psychology, biostatistics, public health and epidemiology.

Postdoctoral Training in Health Behavior Research
Postdoctoral training programs in cancer control and epidemiology, obesity prevention and nutrition and transdisciplinary tobacco and drug abuse prevention research are available to those seeking future research positions in academe, industry or government.

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2003 Homecoming Tailgate Party; from left: 2nd-year students, Milagros Jacobs, Cindy Juarez, Briana Lawrence.

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