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University of Michigan

Since 1969, when the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital opened as a separate hospital with 200 licensed beds, its staff has cared for hundreds of thousands of children. In an average year, 8,500 children are admitted to Mott, 8,600 children receive operations, 20,000 visit the pediatric emergency room or Level I trauma center, and more than 70,000 children are seen in our onsite outpatient clinics.
To provide truly comprehensive childrens services, more than........
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St Joseph Mercy Hospital - Oakland

If you or someone you loves needs cardiac care, your primary concern is finding skilled specialists with the technology and experience to help you. The Elliot M. Estes Heart Cancer Center at St. Joseph’s Mercy Oakland offers complete cardiac care program to diagnose, treat and manage heart disease. Our cardiac care team uses a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures including traditional methods as well as a new and most advanced techniques and equipment for cardiac care. We offer open heart and valve surgery, non-invasive cardiology testing services, electrophysiology lab procedures, the most advanced heart catheterization procedures, all phases of cardiac rehab, chest pain emergency center. Some of our newest procedures include......
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