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The SoyNut Butter Company

  • I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter is a great tasting peanut/nut free alternative to peanut butter. It has 50% less saturated fat and better protein than peanut butter, plus all the health benefits of soy. Manufactured in a peanut/nut free facility I.M. Healthy is available in a wide variety of styles including new "Low Carb" Creamy and Chunky.

  • I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter is available in both supermarkets and natural food stores nationwide. Stores can be located utilizing our web site or toll free telephone number listed below.

  • I.M Healthy is perfect for the health and fitness conscious consumer who loves peanut butter, but appreciates the value of a contemporary product that will give them an edge: better protein to support muscle maintenance or growth, 50% less harmful saturated fat plus all the health benefits of soy; especially those that positively impact the quality of many womens lives. I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter is the answer for parents looking for a peanut butter alternative in schools. Kids love it!

  • I.M. Healthy was developed in response to the excitement of soy health benefits and the rejection of traditional soyfoods by most consumers. Because of its similarity to peanut butter, consumers are more willing to try it and are quickly converted by the great taste and excellent nutritional benefits. Additionally, I.M. Healthy was produced in a peanut/nut free plant and was quickly recognized as a product safe for individuals with a peanut/nut allergy and as an excellent alternative for schools that have banned peanut butter.

1. Q: Why is this better than peanut butter?
A: I.M. Healthy has 50% less saturated fat, more efficient, easily digested protein plus all the powerful health benefits of soy without the allergy issue of peanuts.

2. Q: What are the health benefits of soy?
A: Soy contains a group of plant hormone-like compounds called isoflavones that interact with an individuals naturally occurring hormones and may prevent or delay chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, kidney disease, prostate and breast cancer. Soy can also improve the quality of life of post menopausal women.

3. Q: Why is soy protein better than peanut protein?
A: The soy isoflavones are in the protein. Soy protein has a complete, more bioavailable amino acid profile than peanut protein. It is more easily digested and works more efficiently to support muscle maintenance or growth.

4. Q: How many soy isoflavones per serving of I.M. Healthy?
A: 30-40mg per 2 tablespoon serving. 21-25mg/serving for the Chocolate variety.

5. Q: Is I.M. Healthy safe for people with peanut/nut allergies?
A: Yes, no peanuts/nuts in the product or in the manufacturing

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