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Conference Centers

Only bonafide conference centers meet the stringent standards of membership in the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC).  These standards, called Universal Criteria, ensure that a facility is a true specialist according to exacting tenets including the following:

  • Business Focus: Conferences must comprise a minimum 60% of the facility's total business. This eliminates most hotels with meeting facilities whose business may be spread across a broad range of clientele including individual  stays as well as weddings, parties and other types of social events that can provide distraction to the meeting attendee;

  • Technical Standards: Criteria specify minimum standards for the quality of chairs (must be ergonomically designed and rated for eight hours of use) and tables, soundproofing, lighting and the presence and quality of on-site presentation technology;

  • Operational Criteria: IACC's membership application requires in-depth information on a conference center's operational philosophy to ensure that its focus is on meeting productivity. For example, groups must have access to continuous coffee break service outside of but within close proximity of the meeting room. Dining is arranged to allow conferees to sit together and to break for meals at their leisure rather than according to a set time;

  • Staffing: Conference center professionals are specialists.  Membership criteria require the presence of on-site audio-visual experts and others who are highly trained to support clients' meeting objectives.

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International Association of Conference Centers

Founded in 1981 to advance awareness of the conference center distinction, IACC lists its Universal Criteria and provides a directory of members on its web site:




Conference Centers

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International Association of Conference centers

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