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ipCapital Group, Inc. (ipCG) is a leader in intellectual property*(IP) strategy consulting and is expert in maximizing the use of IP by analyzing the market and industry.

Our clients include many different types of organizations, including a significant number of Fortune 100 companies. To preserve our clients’ confidentiality we have listed their industries:

·Business & Financial Services
·High Tech
·Consumer & Industrial Products
·Research Labs

ipCG offers professional services to help companies realize the value of their ideas, inventions and technology. Our IP consulting experts assist in the development and execution of IP strategies. We help create profitable and sustainable competitive advantages from the use of IP.

Discover the complete value of your ideas and inventions - your IP is a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished! A robust Intellectual Asset Management program will include the following services:

  1. Provide educational courses about the value of IP and identify, capture and visualize existing IP;
  2. Mine, examine and analyze IP;
  3. Define strategic IP objectives in line with business goals;
  4. Create new inventions from human capital and document chosen IP;
  5. Review and develop a powerful IP portfolio; and
  6. Build an IP value story.

We have powerful services and tools that identify, assess, and help our clients’ manage their intellectual assets. The combination of these services and tools enable our clients to create immediate real value and sustainable competitive advantages from their IP.

Our consultants help our clients leverage their IP to attain the following keys to success:

  1. Protect new products
  2. Generate revenue
  3. Capture new business opportunities
  4. Maximize company performance
  5. Solve complex IP business issues
  6. Identify strategic IP opportunities

We help companies realize that Intellectual Property is Capital®.

*Intellectual Property is a term used to describe legally protected ideas developed from skill, knowledge, and information.

For more information call (802) 872-3200 x222, e-mail , or visit our website at

ipCapital Group, Inc.
400 Cornerstone Drive, Suite 325
Williston, VT 05495
Phone (802) 872-3200 x222
Fax (802) 288-9468

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