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University Of Central Florida - UCF

University of Central Florida College of Education
UCF Teaching Academy
  • Fast track program
  • Master of Arts
  • Embedded teaching certificate
  • Early classroom entry
  • Paid teaching experiences
  • Highly mentored
  • Toyota USA fellowships
Earn While You Learn

Transition to Mathematics and Science Teaching (T-MAST) is designed for professionals who desire to begin a new career as a mathematics or science teacher. This is a fast-track program where participants begin teaching in a year-long job-sharing situation early in the program. Participants enter a program in which they are highly mentored by professionals from the university and the schools while they work and are enrolled in university evening classes.

The T-MAST program is a collaborative program with the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in central Florida. School principals in OCPS have agreed, where appropriate, to hire highly qualified professionals as teachers while they earn their professional teaching certificates through course work at the University of Central Florida. The program is a cohort design with course work that forms a standards-based curriculum. University faculty members help participants develop knowledge and understanding of proven and promising practices in mathematics and science education.

Professionals interested in the program should apply to a Master of Arts program in either Mathematics Education or Science Education, in either the grades 5-9 track or the grades 6-12 track. The application forms are available on the web at Admission to one of the aforementioned UCF graduate program is a requirement of T-MAST. Students must complete at least 3 of the 5 courses in teacher education prescribed by Florida before entering the teaching phase of the program. Thus, students must enroll at least by summer semester for a year-long teaching experience.

To receive T-MAST Fellowship assistance and be hired by OCPS, participants must have completed the State of Florida prescribed 18 semester hours of content for grades 5-9 certification or the State of Florida prescribed 30 semester hours of content for grades 6-12 certification. UCF staff can assist interested professionals in informally evaluating previous course work relative to these requirements.

The TOYOTA USA Foundation and the Lockheed Martin Corporation have generously provided support for the T-MAST program.

For more information, contact Dr. Nancy S. Lewis . or visit our website at

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