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Florida Department of Education

Finding a teaching position in Florida has never been easier. Post your resume
on-line at for great exposure with all 67 school
districts and other educator employees in the Sunshine State. View
hundreds of education related job openings from Florida's east
coast to the Gulf, to Miami's South Beach and the Keys!

Visit, register free of charge, and let the Web do your job hunting in Florida for you.

1-800-TEACH-FL 91-800-832-2435

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Florida is growing. The Sunshine state needs teachers in most subject areas including: Mathematics, Science, Reading, Exceptional student education programs (ESE), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Foreign languages, School psychologists and Technology education/industrial arts. Approximately 54,000 new students will enter Florida schools next fall. These students will join nearly 2.5 million students already enrolled in grades pre-K through 12 throughout Florida's 67 school districts.

Explore Post your resume online and view teaching opportunities in Florida school districts. The site is free and easy to use. OR attend the 2003 Great Florida Teach-In where you can meet school principals and district personnel responsible for hiring teachers in one convenient location. The Teach-In will be held June 16-18, at the Hyatt Orlando. Registration is free. For information about the Teach-In or teacher recruitment in Florida, contact 800-TEACH-FL

(800-832-2435) or e-mail

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