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Holiday Dating Tips

Holiday Dating Tips
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To help make your holiday dating a success, Chemistry’s scientific advisor Dr. Helen Fisher offers the following tips:

1. Family and romance don’t always mix. Be careful about including him or her in family holiday activities.

2. Curb your generosity when buying your date presents or she/he may think you are more serious than you really are.

3. Do something “different” with your date like a carriage ride, skating, sledding or driving around to see outdoor Christmas lights. Unique activities drive up dopamine in the brain and can stimulate romance.

4. Holding hands with your date can affect oxytocin levels in the brain and increase feelings of trust and attachment.

5. At holiday parties, introduce your date to your friends, explain who people are, how you know them, and then continually include your date in your conversations.

6. There is a fine line between bragging and telling your date about yourself.

7. If you are drinking alcohol, be aware of how much you are drinking during your date.

8. Don’t listen to everything your friends and family say about your date.You’re dating this person not them.

9. Be on time or call your date and let them know you are running late.

10. If you have the holiday blues, try not to let it affect your date or consider waiting to date until after the holidays.

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Helen Fisher, Ph.D., is a research professor, department of anthropology; author of Why We Love; and is chief scientific advisor to

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