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Dedman School of Law SMU

For many years, the Dedman School of Law at SMU has trained leaders around the globe. Last year, the Dedman family committed $20 million to name the school, which highlighted a $53 million campaign. Robert Dedman, Sr. ('53) declared: "Nearly all of the major business centers of America have one of the top 10 law schools in the country.... So we need to really work as hard as we can to get SMU, not into the top 25-- but into the top 10."

Robert Dedman, Jr. ('84) remarked, "It is important that SMU continue the tradition of producing some of the most effective business leaders and top quality lawyers in Dallas, the nation and the world." Countless judges, CEOs, government leaders, and partners have graduated from the School.

  • Global Opportunities - world leaders and scholars share their expertise as teachers and alumni.

  • Dallas - located on a beautiful tree-lined campus in the heart of Dallas, a top ranked legal and business community and the 9th largest city in the U.S.

  • Academic Environment - small classes and personal attention, with 50% of the upper division classes having 25 students or less, and 75% having 50 students or less.

  • Curriculum - tailored to individual interests, with over 150 upper division courses in many areas, including intellectual property, corporate & commercial law, constitutional law, international law, trial law, tax law, environmental law, family law, human rights law and healthcare law.

  • Practical Skills - six legal clinics, numerous externships, over 20 skills competitions, extensive public service program and five student run and edited journals.

  • Faculty - an outstanding and diverse group dedicated to teaching and scholarship.

  • Financial Aid - 50% of each class receives some type of scholarship.

  • Career Services - ranked 29th among law schools for placement of its graduates at the top 100 largest law firms in the U.S., extensive personal attention from a staff of lawyers who formerly practiced at prestigious law firms and companies, tremendous placement opportunities in Dallas and across the U.S.

"At Dedman School of Law at SMU, our community of scholars will provide you with opportunities both inside and outside the classroom for success in an ever expanding global market place. You will find an outstanding, well-rounded, diverse student body from across the nation and around the world. I encourage you to visit the campus, or visit the website at, and see why our applications are up 47% this year, with 10 applicants for every spot. " John B. Attanasio, Dean and William Hawley Atwell Professor of Constitutional Law.

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