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Newsweek Work From Home And Franchising Showcase Information Resource (Women Edition)

  • Women are increasingly becoming more involved in Franchises and Work At Home Businesses then men, and with the Newsweek Women Edition, you are able to specifically target 800,000 intelligent, driven and educated women.

  • This Showcase opportunity utilizes both Newsweek Magazines Branding Power as well as the Internet. This cross-promotion will increase awareness of your Franchise and/or Work From Home Business.

  • We are putting this Work At Home Showcase in three editions throughout the year, this will enable you the opportunity to have frequency, which we know is key in marketing campaigns, within the Women Edition.

Please click below to see an example of a past Showcase. The file is in pdf format and will open in your browser if you have Acrobat 4.0 or above installed but may take a while to show depending on your internet connection.

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Recent Franchise Showcase

Feature List 2003: Women Edition

Cover Date Showcase Theme Closing Date
21-Jul Online recreational Education / Work@Home / Franchise 30-Jun
18-Aug Back To School Showcase 28-Jul
15-Sept Children’s Safety & Health Showcase 25-Aug
13-Oct Education / Health 22-Sep
10-Nov Work@Home / Online Shopping / Franchise 20-Oct
08-Dec Online Shopping / Direct Mail Shopping 17-Nov

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