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Aims Community College
contact: Barbara Soleta
phone: 970.330.5388 ext. 6472
phone: 800.301.5388 ext. 6472

Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado offers one of the most comprehensive professional pilot programs in the Rocky Mountain West. In fact, the state of Colorado thought so highly of the program that it awarded the Aviation Department the prestigious Programs of Excellence Grant. In addition, we hold the University Aviation Association’s Airway Science designation. Aims Aviation: 32 years of teaching excellence and placing graduates.

1. Program Focus:
The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Technology focuses on preparing the student for entry into employment as a pilot. The Aims Aviation Program stresses training to airline standards and works with pilots from several regional and major airlines to establish and implement these standards. The goal is to prepare students to be competitive upon graduation. Initial employment opportunities will normally be as a Certified Flight Instructor. With additional experience, the successful candidate may find employment as a corporate or charter pilot, or with regional or major airlines.

2. Duration:
The duration of the Aviation Degree program is dependent on program emphasis. The General Aviation Pilot Option is 6 quarters in length, while the Professional Pilot Program Option takes 7 quarters. Training for the Professional Pilot Program Option is conducted under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141, which allows for a reduction in total training time. However, this option includes more advanced training, as well as the multi-engine rating. In addition to these two options, there is a 3-quarter General Aviation Pilot Certificate Program, which provides the private, instrument and commercial certificates and ratings, but no degree. These times may be shorter if the student is eligible to receive credit for previous flying experience or college transfer credit. Additional time may be required, depending on college assessment scores.

3. Certification/Degree:
At the completion of the program, the student will hold an Associate of Applied Science degree with either the General Aviation Pilot Option or the Professional Pilot Program Option. A student who completes the certificate program will hold a commercial certificate with an instrument rating.

4. Location/Equipment:
Aims Community College is located in Greeley, Colorado, approximately 40 miles north of Denver. The Aviation Program conducts ground schools and simulator classes at the Greeley campus and flight training at the Flight Training Center, located just east of Greeley. Flight Training Devices include single-pilot trainers for primary and intermediate training, and Modular Flight Decks for advanced, multi-engine training. In addition, a Cessna 172 training device is located at the Flight Center. Training aircraft include Cessna 172's, Cessna 172 RG, Cessna 182, Citabria and Piper Seminole.

5. FAQ's:

How much does the program cost?

Depending on the student's residency status, the total cost of the program, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, flight training costs and FAA Medical Certificate averages between $32,000 and $45,000. Flight training costs are based on average training times. Additional costs could be incurred if more flight time is needed to meet flight proficiency standards.

Does Aims provide student housing?

Aims College does not have dormitories or other student housing. However, the University of Northern Colorado is also located in Greeley and there are numerous apartments and other housing resources available in the city.

Is there financial aid available to help cover the cost of flight training?

There may be additional resources available to assist the student with the cost of flight training. Contact either Lynne Suppes or Lorna Shingler at the Student Financial Assistance office (970) 330-8008, ext. 6548, for more information.

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