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Travel and Culture - Texas

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The Lone Star State

A single star was part of the Long Expedition (1819), Austin Colony (1821) and several flags of the early Republic of Texas. Some say that the star represented the wish of many Texans to achieve statehood in the United States. Others say it originally represented Texas as the lone state of Mexico which was attempting to uphold its rights under the Mexican Constitution of 1824. At least one "lone star" flag was flown during the Battle of Concepcion and the Siege of Bexar (1835). Joanna Troutman's flag with a single blue star was raised over Velasco on January 8, 1836. Another flag with a single star was raised at the Alamo (1836) according to a journal entry by David Crockett. One carried by General Sam Houston's Texian army (which defeated Mexican General Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto ) may have been captured and taken to Mexico. Another "lone star" flag, similar to the current one but with the red stripe above the white, was also captured the following year (1837) and returned to Mexico. The "David G. Burnet" flag, of "an azure ground" (blue background) "with a large golden star central" was adopted by the Congress of the Republic of Texas in December of 1836. It continued in use as a battle flag after being superseded in January of 1839. The 1839 design has been used to symbolize the Republic and the "Lone Star State" ever since.

Discovering the Lone Star State

Texas! It's More Than You Think. It's Like A Whole Other Country! Within its 267,000 square miles, there's something for everyone in Texas. The state's amazing variety of landscapes and cultures - spread across seven regions - lends itself to unforgettable experiences and adventures. Visitors and natives alike can immerse themselves in sparkling waters, spectacular vistas, creative arts scenes, mouth-watering cuisine, magnificent birdwatching, and a touch of the Wild West!

Year round, visitors are welcome to swing a club at more than 900 golf courses, stroll along 600 miles of beaches, absorb the stunning scenery of our national and state parks, take a hike on our challenging trails, and relive the Old West at any of our guest ranches. Texas is known for its sunny skies and its sunny disposition - we're not called "The Friendship State" for nothing!

The Wild Side of Texas
Wild treasures in Texas go far beyond cattle, cactus and coyotes. Adventurers who hike, bike, kayak or even camel trek their way through Texas will find opportunities to view an abundance of bird species and rare butterflies, spot an endangered ocelot, enjoy dolphin watching excursions, watch sea turtles make their nests or become a cowboy for a day or a week. Visit

Texas Teeing Ground
With a mild climate, a storied golf past and over nine hundred courses strewn across scenic Hill Country, piney woods, and seaside links, Texas is blazing a trail in the world of golf. Courses in Texas offer all levels of play ideal for the weekend duffer or the seasoned pro. As lush public, private and resort courses spring up across the Lone Star State, Texas is fast becoming a destination hotspot and golf-lover's getaway. Visit

Texas Music: The Experience, The History, The Legend
As a pioneer in many diverse fields, it's not surprising that Texas is viewed as a main instrument of American music. Buddy Holly, Bob Wills, Selena, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roy Orbison, ZZ Top, and the Dixie Chicks, among others, all hail or hailed from Texas - and they all made their mark on the genres that were to follow. The theme throughout: diverse, talented, Texas musicians who work together to form new variations of music and an unmatched spirit and experience for their listeners. To enjoy the best in Texas music, visitors are invited to experience the legendary dancehalls, venues and festivals across the state. Visit

Bright Lights, Big Cities
Texas has come a long way from its Old West origins and today boasts three of the country's 10 largest cities - Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Also in the nation's top 25 are Austin, El Paso and Fort Worth. Whether you enjoy shopping, art galleries or fine cuisine, Texas cities serve up sophisticated cosmopolitan getaways with small-town hospitality. Visit

Texas for Tykes
Texas' wide open spaces are matched in size only by the imaginations of its young travelers. Future astronauts, zoologists and wannabe cowboys can explore their biggest dreams here - or just get lost in the thrill of a theme park or the warm sun shining down on Gulf of Mexico beaches or any of the state's many lakes and rivers. Visit

To find out more about all there is to see and experience in Texas, visit or for a free Texas State Travel Guide call 1-800-8888-TEX.


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