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American Orient Express

Not too long ago, the Golden Age of Rail was lost to history. Gone were the sleek, trains of the 1940 and ‘50s that featured elegant, wood-paneled compartments, where travelers relaxed as they watched the changing scenery from their windows. And, gone was the camaraderie of new-found friends in the well-appointed club car and the unique experience of fine dining with linens, china and silver while enjoying the gentle sway of the dining car.

The Golden Age of Rail flourishes once more on the American Orient Express (AOE) – a monument to a gentler, less hectic way of life. Aboard the AOE, travelers return to a bygone era with all the comfort and convenience of the 21st century.

The 16-carriage train, restored at a cost of over $15 million, is the picture of elegance. The stylish appointments include polished brass in the sleeping cars, inlaid mahogany paneling in the dining cars, and ebony, brass and leather in the club cars. A symbol of the AOE’s commitment to providing an authentic experience, even the tiniest details have not been overlooked.

The AOE rolls into a variety of picturesque regions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico when landscapes are at their season’s peak. Nine select itineraries offer travelers a wide choice of venues, including the opportunity on some routes to travel over tracks that have not seen passenger trains in more than a half-century. These tracks, called "rare mileage" by train lovers, cover some of the most scenic wilderness areas of America, many of them accessible only by rail.

Much like a voyage upon a luxurious cruise ship, getting there is half the fun. This notion also applies to an AOE rail cruise. Bringing the new concept of "rail cruising" to life, a trip aboard the AOE isn’t just transportation – it’s an experiential journey, with the train serving as hotel, restaurant and entertainment all wrapped up into one all-inclusive travel experience.

Gourmet meals, featuring multiple entrée selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, are prepared to-order by classically trained chefs in fully appointed galleys. Fine wines are available in the club cars, with complimentary selections at dinner. A pianist provides music during the cocktail hour, which features complimentary hors d’oeuvres, as lecturers present in-depth background on the route being traveled.

Noted for its exceptional service, fine dining and period décor and appointments, AOE has brought a return to the unhurried and graceful Golden Age of rail travel. In addition to offering passengers a vintage rail experience, AOE programs include in-depth exploration of North America’s natural and cultural treasures with insight from onboard historians, and off-train tours and excursions, which complement the theme of each carefully planned itinerary. Travelers enjoy time off the train on specially organized day excursions that explore significant historical, geological and natural points of interest along the way. Included in the cost of the trip, these excursions take passengers to visit many interesting sites. These carefully planned land tours add dimension to the core experience of traveling aboard the AOE.

You can reach American Orient Express by calling toll-free 800-320-4206 or visit us online at

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