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College Of Health Professions

Exploring the World of Public Health at Temple University

Public health encompasses the health of our world, our country, our cities and even our neighborhoods. At Temple University’s Department of Public Health in the College of Health Professions, faculty members reflect this diversity specializing in a broad scope of public health issues such as international health, injury prevention, occupational health and safety, health communications and promotion, adolescent health, and substance abuse and addiction. Students enjoy working closely with faculty in class, in the field and in the research lab.

The Temple Environment

Temple public health students benefit from a dynamic classroom mix of peers at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Because the program attracts a significant number of professionals, all students and faculty gain from their real-life experience.

The pairing of a strong core curriculum and intense field work offers students variety and practical, hands-on experience. The core classes, focused on epidemiology/biostatistics, health behaviors, environmental health and health administration, build a strong foundation culminating with a year focused on field work. Recent field assignments include the evaluation of a teen pregnancy prevention program, a community needs assessment for health services, creating educational programs for families on food assistance and conducting policy analyses for an advocacy organization. Students often conclude their projects with the publication of a scholarly paper.

Research and technology play a key role. Students learn how to use technology to evaluate health information on the web and create web-based health materials, an increasingly common tool for health promotion.

Career and Educational Paths

Temple graduates find positions in hospitals, schools, government agencies, health departments and private industry. Graduates have gone on to become commissioned corps at the Centers for Disease Control, leaders at city public health agencies and faculty in higher education.

Temple University established the Public Health program over 20 years ago, making it the oldest and longest-accredited program in the region. Students can pursue a bachelor’s degree in public health, a Master’s of Public Health in community health education, a Master’s of Education in school health and health counseling, a Master’s of Science in environmental health, and a doctorate, all available on a full- and part-time basis. Dual degrees are also available with medicine, osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine, social work, and business.

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