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Idaho State University Master of Public Health (MPH) Program

Department of Health & Nutrition Sciences
Kasiska College of Health Professions

Idaho State University Master of Public Health ProgramPillars on the top of Red Hill located on the main campus of Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.

Master of Public Health Program
Idaho State University’s (ISU) MPH program is unique in the state of Idaho. It is the only MPH program in Idaho (pre-accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health).

Why Pursue a MPH Degree?
The MPH degree is the most widely recognized professional credential for leadership in public health. A goal of public health is to improve the health of populations through planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion and disease prevention programs. Public health professionals design these interventions by using a combination of health education and related organizational, economic, legislative, and environmental supports to enhance the probability of creating a healthier populace.
The ISU MPH program emphasizes active, student-directed learning, problem solving, and the acquisition of skills essential to public health practice. Courses in the MPH program focus on a community health emphasis and include an acquisition of requisite public health knowledge and skills in the areas of:

• Biostatistics
• Environmental Health
• Epidemiology
• Health Care Ethics
• Health Organization and Policy
• Health Program Planning and Evaluation
• Research Methodology

Program Convenience
The MPH program is available at two locations: Pocatello, Idaho (main campus) and Boise, Idaho (ISU – Boise Center). Because many of our MPH students are employed during regular academic school year, classes are available during the evenings and in the summer sessions.

About the Department, College, and University
The Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences (HNS) of the Kasiska College of Health Professions is home of one of two graduate programs, including the MPH and the Master of Health Education program. Other HNS academic programs include: undergraduate health education, Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), and a post-baccalaureate Dietetics Internship.
Idaho State University, founded in 1901, is the state’s lead institution for education in the health professions through the academic and residency programs available in the Kasiska College of Health Professions.

For more information and specific admission requirements, contact:

Idaho State University - Pocatello
ATTN: Willis J.McAleese, Ph.D.
MPH Program Director/Department Chair
Mike Salazar, Graduate Clerk
Department of Health & Nutrition Sciences
Campus Box 8109
Pocatello, Idaho 83209
Phone: (208) 282-2117; (208) 282-4561
FAX: (208) 282-4903

Idaho State University – Boise Center
ATTN: Holly Lenz, Ph.D., CHES
MPH Program Director/Assistant Professor
12301 W. Explorer Drive, Suite 102
Boise, Idaho 83713
Phone: (208) 685-6764
FAX: (208) 327-7430

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Idaho State University

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