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University of Rochester
William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

University of Rochester - William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
University of Rochester

The Simon School was founded in 1958, and currently enrolls approx. 1100 MBA, MS and PhD students. It is located in Rochester, New York. Approximately one hour by air from Boston, New York City, Toronto, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

The Simon School offers an integrated, cross-functional approach to management which uses economics as both the framework and common language of business. The curriculum is taught by faculty that engage in leading-edge research.

As one of the leading graduate business schools in the country, the Simon School offers many M.B.A. programs designed to meet the diverse needs of an eclectic student body.

The M.B.A. Program

Our Full-time M.B.A. Program offers students a choice of 14 functional areas in which to concentrate. The flexible program allows students to enroll in either September or January. To earn the M.B.A. degree, each student must successfully complete 67 hours of study with a 3.0 grade point average. The flexible entrance-date schedule permits students to start the six-quarter program in September (three-fourths of the graduating class) or January (one-fourth). The full-time M.B.A. curriculum consists of nine required core courses, 11 electives and a 3-credit sequence in Management Communication. Core courses, including Management Communication and three electives are taken in the first three quarters. Remaining electives are taken for the concentration in the second three quarters.

With one of the largest percentages (42) of non-U.S. students (from over 40 countries) among the leading American business schools, the Simon School’s full-time study-team system offers numerous opportunities to study and work directly with a diverse group of students on global management issues.

Our Part-time M.B.A. Program offers the same educational opportunities and choices for concentration as the full-time program but also includes evening courses to meet the demands of our students’ varying professional and personal schedules. For their convenience, students can enter the program at four different times of the year.

Our Executive Development M.B.A. Program offers candidates a fully-accredited M.B.A. degree without career interruption. Classes meet every Friday for two academic years (22 months) allowing students to continue in their full-time professional positions while completing the degree program. In addition to the Friday classes, the program offers a series of lectures in Europe featuring leaders from industry, government and academe.

The Simon School has been ranked nationally and internationally among the top 25 schools of business. The School is accredited by the AACSB—The International Association for Management Education since 1966. Visit us at:

Simon. Where Thinkers Become Leaders!

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