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Liberty University

Simple, Convenient, Education for Life.

Earn your MBA online through Liberty Univeristy
Numerous men and women from around the world have found earning their MBA through Liberty University’s® Distance Learning Program to be a convenient, flexible, and affordable way to obtain an accredited degree. As the world’s largest evangelical university, we are held to the highest standard, and are committed to excellence in education and integrity in the services we provide to you as a student. We also offer 8-week, online courses to give you the advantage to complete your degree sooner.

Master of Business Administration
Liberty University’s Master of Business Administration program prepares students to excel as professional managers, enhancing career development in business and related fields, as well as providing opportunity for promotion and associated salary increases. Students will strengthen management skills, stretching their knowledge to such areas as corporate responsibility, entrepreneurship, and legal issues in business or non-profit management. Through group projects, students will develop managerial expertise in accepting and devising solutions to complex management challenges, and will become familiar with current research methods and scholarship relevant to business administration. Liberty holds to the stands firm on the fact that maintaining high ethical standards is essential to great business, so all courses emphasize the importance of applying ethics to management practices.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as an MBA student of Liberty University’s Distance Learning Program:

  • Distinctively Christian
    As a Christian university, we are held to a higher standard—God’s standard—and are devoted to living out that standard through the level of excellence in education and integrity in the services we offer to you as a student.
  • 8-week, Online Courses
    Accelerate the completion of your degree with our online, 8-week courses that fit into any schedule, allowing you to study from virtually anywhere, at any time.
  • Lower Tuition Rates
    Our tuition is one of the lowest in the nation compared to other distance and residential programs and offers payment plans that fit into any budget.
  • Ground Campus
    Enjoy all the great benefits of learning online through an established university in Lynchburg, Virginia with a solid reputation for providing academic excellence to its students for over thirty-five years.

  • Accredited
    Liberty is nationally and regionally accredited with over twenty years in distance education.

We encourage you to take the first step toward earning your degree by applying to Liberty University’s Distance Learning Program now!

or call 1-866-418-8734

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