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 MBA Europe and

 MBA Latin America
 American University, London
 Aston Business School
 BI Norwegian School
 C I M B A
 Cyprus Int' Institute (CIIM)
 Edinburgh Business School
 Euro MBA
 ESSEC Business School
 INCAE Business School
 Leiden University
 Maastricht School
 Pinnacle Business School
 Schiller Int' University
 SDA Bocconi
 Smurfit School of Business
 THESEUS University
 University of California
 University of Malta
 University of Westminster
 World Mediterranean MBA

Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis - CIMBA

The Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis

The Best Ideas
Strengths and Knowledge
of Many in One

Consortuim of Universities

University of Alabama · University of Arizona · University of Arkansas · Clemson University · University of Connecticut · University of Delaware · Florida State University · University of Florida · Georgia State University · University of Georgia · Iowa State University · University of Kansas · Kansas State University · University of Kentucky · Louisiana State University · University of Missouri-Columbia · Mississippi State University · University of Nebraska-Lincoln · New Mexico State University · Oklahoma State University · University of Oklahoma · Portland State University · University of Rhode Island  ·University of South Carolina · University of Southern Mississippi · University of Tennessee-Knoxville · University of Texas-San Antonio · Texas Tech University · Utah State University · Virginia Commonwealth University · Virginia Tech University · West Virginia University

Truly International Experience
One-Year, Intensive, Full-time
Emphasis on Personal Development
AACSB Accredited Degree
U.S. and European Study
International Consulting Projects
Project Management Certification
Six Sigma and ERP Certification

Consortium Institute of Management
and Business Analysis

Via Collegio 40
31011 Asolo (TV), Italy
Tel: +39-0423-951090
Fax: +39-0423-951104

Business and Communications Studies
Semester, Year, and Summer in Italy
Consortium and European Faculty
University of Kansas Course Credit
Academically Challenging
Personal Development Emphasis
International Business

Consortium of Universities
For International Studies

124 Summerfield Hall
1300 Sunnyside Ave, Lawrence, KS 66045
Tel: +1-785-864-7576
Fax: +1-785-864-7606

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