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Surval Mont-Fleuri and Institut Villa Pierrefeu

Surval Mont Fleuri

Institut Villa Pierrefeu

56, Route de Glion, 1820 - MONTREUX
Tel. 021 966 16 16 Fax 021 966 16 17
Route de Caux 28, 1823 - GLION
Tel. 021 963 73 11 Fax 021 963 48 64


Founded in 1961, SURVAL MONT-FLEURI is a school with a difference. Situated in the heights of Montreux in privileged surroundings facing the Lake of Geneva, it is the ideal place for the pursuit of stimulating studies suitable to the professional aspirations of a modern young lady. The school has three objectives : to ensure young women reach an academic level that permits them to go on to a university education, to enable them to compete in the business world, and to give them the social skills necessary to handle any situation.

Beginning September 2004 Surval Mont-Fleuri started collaborating with Institut Villa Pierrefeu to offer young girls an exceptional combination of study programmes. All students are accommodated in Surval Mont-Fleuri. From now on, Surval Mont-Fleuri is Europe’s unique International Boarding School for girls offering a Finishing programme during the school year.

At Surval, we are concerned about character and quality. We believe that people of character, who know right from wrong, are the hope for the future of the world. How do the young learn what is right and what is wrong ? They learn this through the example set by adults and from the things that we teach them. The lessons they learn about life are the most important lessons of all.

Our liberal arts curriculum is designed to help students make connections between the past and the present and to become good citizens of the world who can make a critical difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others. The curriculum challenges the students across a broad intellectual spectrum and encourages them to develop multiple facets of their personalities.

Our students are accommodated in comfortable rooms (rooms of 2 or 3 beds- – a few single rooms available at extra costs) with shower, toilet, phone, and TV connection. Most of the rooms also have a balcony. Courses are given by an experienced teaching staff, motivated to bring out the best in our students and to prepare them for their future.


SCHOOL YEAR - girls aged between 14 and 25

We offer 3 different study programs :

1. Language and Finishing Programme “à la carte”
With intensive French, English or German lessons; 18 lessons given per week. In the afternoons we propose to our students a large choice of optional classes, among them the following programmes of IVP :

A - The “IVP Diploma in Finishing” – 3 afternoons per week on Institut Villa Pierrefeu campus combined with French, English or German – 18 weekly periods on Surval Mont-Fleuri campus. At IVP, the following courses are offered : Etiquette, Table Service and Hostessing, Business Etiquette, Protocol and International Savoir-Vivre, Cooking, Nutrition, Food Decoration, Home Management, Floral Art & Table Decoration, Oenology, Public Relations, Personal Presentation, Make up.

B -The “First Certificate” (Etiquette, Table Service and Hostessing) and the “Higher Certificate” (Etiquette, Table Service and Hostessing, Business Etiquette, Protocol and International Savoir-Vivre) in “International Etiquette and Protocol - IEP” provided by Institut Villa Pierrefeu at Surval Mont-Fleuri campus combined with French, English or German – 18 weekly periods on Surval Mont-Fleuri and optional courses (see below).

Optional courses at Surval Mont-Fleuri
Cookery, Pastry, Ceramics, Painting, Photography, History of Art, Graphic Design, Computer, Spanish, Italian, Business courses, Music, sports, etc.

Students can take the following exams:

  • French examinations, Alliance Française de Paris (Elementary Certificates I and II, and Diploma)

  • English examinations : The Cambridge English Examinations such as the Key English Test, the Preliminary English test, the First Certificate in English, the Certificate in Advances English and the Certificate of Proficiency, TOEFL and SAT.

2. High School Section – from 9th to 12th grade
An international academic program, taught in English and based on the American High School system, for young girls who wish to enter colleges in the US and Canada, Business schools, etc.

Our students study English, French and other foreign languages, the sciences, mathematics, history, geography, music and studio arts. In addition to these courses, students choose from a wide range of elective subjects in all disciplines to explore an area of interest in depth. They also participate in sports and various cultural outings.

This programme is also valid for girls who would like to pass a High School Diploma to then enter in the Mont-Fleuri Women’s College to prepare a Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration
The Mont-Fleuri Women’s College gives young women the possibility to prepare a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in just 6 semesters (3 years). It is a program of only one of its kind in Switzerland, or even in Europe.

It is possible to combine the High School and the BBA program with some of the optional courses of the finishing section.

Sports, cultural trips and excursions
They play an important role at Surval Mont-Fleuri. The school offers a variety of Winter and Summer sport activities. The school has its own fitness centre with Jacuzzi, sauna, steam-bath and aerobics room as well as a tennis and squash court.

Various excursions in Switzerland and cultural trips abroad complete the students’ educational experience. During the Easter Holidays, we organize a three weeks trip, including a cruise which is especially elaborated for girls who do not go home for the holidays.

SUMMER HOLIDAY COURSE – girls aged between 10 and 21

Each summer in July and August SURVAL MONT-FLEURI welcomes about 85 girls of different nationalities that wish to spend a pleasant holiday in a well-known boarding school in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Some of the benefits that make this stay an unforgettable experience are : the French, English and German lessons, the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, the beautiful location of the buildings and grounds, the numerous sporting activities, the variety of excursions and the cultural and recreative outings.

Studies in the morning
Intensive courses of French, English or German (four hours a day)

Optional courses in the afternoon
Other languages, Typing, Computer, Etiquette, Cookery, Pastry, Ceramics, Design/Painting,
Photography, Piano.

Riding, Tennis, Water-skiing, Bicycles, Beach or Swimming pool.

Saturday Excursions
Every Saturday we organize a one-day excursion (with the visit of Geneva, Fribourg/La Gruyères, Morat/Berne,Chamonix (France), Zermatt, etc.).

Cultural trips in option
During 3 week-ends (Friday to Sunday) we organize trips to Paris and Eurodisney.

Transportation Geneva-Surval-Geneva
Upon request we can pick up the student at Geneva airport provided that we receive in due course her exact timetable (flight Nr, company, etc.).

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