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International Schools: New Zealand

The International Schools of New Zealand are recognized as some of the best in the world in terms of the services offered to their students. Although the student body tends to be smaller in comparison to other countries featured in this Showcase, New Zealand actually boasts a huge share in terms of the overall population. Here we highlight some of those, which can be considered 'The Best'.

The School Down Under

The School Down Under is an innovative academic semester or year abroad program located in New Zealand for students aged 16 to 19. Our method of education is simple; we provide support for our students as they integrate the challenges presented by academics, community living, travel, and personal growth. We utilize small Socratic seminars as well as university-accredited online courses to further students’ academic development. A hands-on, experiential approach to learning is achieved through activities ranging from organic farming and building to carving, weaving, meditation, and yoga. Our classroom is mobile and changing, and the subjects we study are not restricted to course catalogs or college requirements. Travel between SDU’s three campuses and throughout New Zealand promotes self-awareness and understanding of the environment.

We want our students to be future leaders: selfempowered, creative, and prepared to change the future.

Please visit or write for more information.

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